Pimp Your Ride – For Less

Buying a new car is one of life’s great moment. The feel, look, and even the smell of a brand new set of wheels is a simple pleasure everyone loves, and almost the start of a new relationship and journey. However, the experience is not without issues. Once you get hold of those keys and drive your new car away, that uniqueness you felt on the test drive might not be markedly different after all.

The truth is that unless you can afford the huge expense of buying an incredible car, you can pretty much guarantee that thousands – maybe even millions – of other people are going to be driving the exact same model. And you might start to feel like you are driving something a little more run-of-the-mill than you first thought.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways of standing out. All it takes is a little customization to personalize your vehicle to your liking, and it won’t cost you a fortune to do it! In today’s guide, I’m going to go through a few of your options and reveal how to pimp your own ride for less.


Getting started with the basics

First and foremost, let’s talk about personalization. Ultimately, there’s a right way of doing it, and plenty of ways of overdoing it. You want to attract the right kind of attention, of course, but it’s very easy to go too far and end up with a vehicle that is noticeable for all the wrong reasons. As an example, let’s discuss blacked out windows. Sure, your new car is going to look sleek – and also keep the sun’s glare out of your eyes. But in terms of getting noticed, your darkened windows will attract attention from all kinds of people – including law enforcement officers. It’s the same principle for exhausts – the only thing you will be doing is annoy people, and, most probably, attract the attention of the police again. To conclude, be careful! It’s OK to look cool in a car, but be aware that it is all too easy to overdo it.

Personalized license plate

Now, personalized plates are something of a ‘love/hate’ thing. And let’s be clear, they can be incredibly tacky in the wrong hands – not to mention expensive. In fact, something like the A1 or 1A plate could set you back up by millions of dollars. And of course, there are plenty of rude and inappropriate plates that you can buy – which aren’t recommended for public display! But you don’t have to spend a fortune. With a little ingenuity, it’s possible to find a personalized plate that doesn’t cost the earth but also reflects your name or an aspect of your personality. Check out the license plate specialists online and see what you can find.


Bored of your standard silver? Tired of the boring black paint job on your car? Well, why not take the DIY route, or pop to your local spray center and choose your own color? The reality is that if you want a funky color for your car, it can be expensive – and difficult – to find the perfect shade when buying new. But you don’t have to settle for what you have – you just need to find a professional bodywork shop to spray your ca to perfection. And as for the choice of color, it’s totally down for you. Bright pinks, gun-metal grays, matt blacks – the decision is yours, depending on whether you want to portray an element of fun, gravitas, or whatever you feel suits your personality type.

Sound systems

If you buy a standard car, the chances are that the stereo system that is fitted in the vehicle is pretty average. Car manufacturers just don’t worry about it, and although it might come complete with touchscreen and GPS, the sound quality is often poor. Why? Well, there’s an element of car drivers not being fussed about in-car sound quality, and manufacturers have to cut costs somewhere to make their vehicles affordable. However, if you love music and use it to express your personality, then you will need to upgrade. So, look for a great site for car stereo DIY info and product advice and consider getting that upgrade. Car stereos and speakers can be found for reasonable prices, and you can pump out your tunes of choice to your heart’s content.

Seats, wheels and tires

Your car will also come with standard seats, wheels and tires – unless you are willing to pay a premium. However, it’s possible to find some exceptional deals on all three of these car products when you buy from elsewhere. Whether you want to install alloys, buy some chunky tires with better grips, or upgrade your car seats with racing or heated seats, there is plenty of choices out there to reflect your personality.

Bumper replacement

Here’s one that not many people realize they can do – replace your bumper! Doing this particular task can make an instant impact on the look of your car, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve a sporty or classic look. You can choose between rough-and-ready all-terrain style brackets or super glossy chrome-plated bumpers – ultimately, it’s your choice.

The little things

There’s plenty more you can do with your car, at very little cost. Bumper stickers can be a great way to show off your interests, from the football team you support to a local charity. Antenna toppers are cheaper than a pack of chips and come in a range of styles and colors you can use to complete the look of your car. And even air fresheners can add a nice fragrance to your car, so find a flavor that sings to your nasal senses.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways of upgrading your car that won’t cost the earth. It’s all down to a matter of choice. Ultimately, even if you buy the most popular, mainstream vehicle on the roads these days, there is nothing stopping you from turning it from an average set of wheels to a ‘pimp my ride’ classic.

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