How To Prepare For A True “On The Road” Experience


Have you read On The Road by Jack Kerouac? It’s one of those literary rites of passage for so many people wanting to discover who they are by traversing the length and breadth of America, and is arguably where Route 66 became known as the pinnacle of American road travel. That book had some very unsafe methods of going around America, but if you plan on going around the world via road, it’s definitely easier nowadays, but there are some practicalities you need to bear in mind.

Pick The Right Car

Back in the era of On The Road, cars were built to last, but they weren’t very practical, and were very difficult to drive. At least now, if you’re planning on making an epic road trip, you can rent a car that is practical in terms of the journey, but also can store your luggage. Chryslers are a decent bench mark to aim for in terms of size, and there are many Chrysler dealerships around. But when it comes to picking a suitable car, you need to think of all the practicalities concerned, namely, how many people are travelling, how much luggage there will be, and, can you sleep in the car or not? There will be times when you might end up stuck somewhere in the middle of the night, and you will need to hunker down for some rest, so consider something comfortable, as well as practical.

Prepare Your Entertainment

For lots of budding travellers, the open road might be all that you need to keep you alert and awake. For others, 200 miles of the same view, no matter how inspiring it is, can pave the way for tiredness and sluggishness behind the wheel. So it’s always important to pick some entertainment, and preload some onto your phone or tablet. There are plenty of travelers podcasts, or you might even want to get an audio version of On The Road, in keeping with the theme! But plenty of music will never go a miss, and depending on what part of the world you’re driving through, it may be beneficial to get some music native to that country, so you can get a richer experience of the landscape you are travelling through.

Fuel Up Whenever You Can!

Granted, there are apps you can download now that will show you the nearest filling stations to your location, but if there are hundreds of miles between one station and the next, not only is it practical for you to fill up, but it’s beneficial to keep your tank topped off, because you never know if the next filling station is out of order! It could be very stressful journey if the warning light comes on and your next station is 40 miles away, it could be a photo finish!

And, in addition to these, making sure you are well rested is vital, because every time you get behind the wheel, you need to make sure you’re focused and ready for a long journey. To have an authentic On The Road-type experience, by its very definition, means flying by the seat of your pants and operating with very little, but this is impractical, and this isn’t safe!

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