5 Fun Furniture Finds For Your Family Room

Family rooms are often the heart of the home when you have small children. It’s a great space to gather and watch a movie together. It’s also the perfect place to play games and spend quality time with a family. Kids love snuggling with mom and dad to read a book. This has to be the most comfortable room in the house so that you can ease into an afternoon with the children without getting achy. So what’s the best furniture to buy for a room like this?

Big is better?

While seating is important, sometimes what you really need is a little versatility in the room. When the kids want to hang out with you, they want to feel comfy and cozy. That’s not always easy on an expensive settee or sofa.

You might find a set of bean bags keeps things a little less formal. They’re great because they’re so portable. You can move them closer together, or push them away to another part of the room. Of course, a bean bag sofa means you can all hop on and enjoy an afternoon cuddle. Perfect for some quality family time.

Quality family time together. Picture source

Recline In Style

If you use your family room for movie marathons, you might prefer a totally immersive experience. Leather recliners can come with speakers, much like the high-end gaming chairs. Electric recliners allow you to find that perfect point of recline to keep you comfortable throughout the entire movie. Some even have a rocker frame so you can gently bounce yourself to a whole new level of relaxation. There aren’t nearly as many color options as bean bags might offer so matching to your decor choices might be more tricky. Still, with a sofa or armchair offering this level of deep comfort, a few shades astray won’t matter too much.

What’s on your coffee table? Picture source

Coffee Table Puzzles

Coffee tables are enormously useful in the family room. They provide the perfect perch for your pitchers, a stylish sill for your snacks, and a resting rostrum for your remotes. The best type of table for this space is one that includes plenty of storage options. Extra drawers give you perfect little cubbies to hide away candies, magazines, games and puzzles. Why not swap board games out every week so the kids can discover something new each time?

Cable Tidy

If you’re not too keen to wall-mount your TV, it might be worth finding a cabinet or TV stand that includes a cable tidy. These often run down the center of any stand. You can carefully tuck each cable inside, feeding it up toward the TV. At the bottom, they can then be fed toward the next device or the power sockets. It gives a great impression that the whole entertainment center is wireless plus you can have much more fun without the hazards of cables in the room.

Toy Chest

These come in so many designs that you might want one for each of your children! Pirates, princesses, animals and character themes make these big boxes lots of fun to play with. Of course, their primary purpose is to house all of the toys that come out at the weekend. What goes into yours?

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