Sage Advice for Growing Old ‘Gracefully’

Growing old is often no easy thing and there are so many people telling how to do it, and how to do it right. In reality, there is no right way to grow old, and different things work for different people. Here are some tips, and things to try, not to grow old gracefully, but making the most of it. With pensions and retirement comes more free time, so you are able to try and do things that you might not have been able to ten or twenty years ago. So make the most of it!

Getting Fit

Staying fit can be difficult to do when you have a full-time job, but being retired means you have time to keep fit and keep active. This is some advice that is always given to you as you grow older, but it is something that everyone should try and do at every age. Using your body will keep it in tip-top condition for years to come, so you are able to do what you what, when you want, well into the future, and who doesn’t want to look good?

Trying New Things

Many people might be old and have lots of habits and ideas that they won’t grow out, but why not challenge yourself to trying something new? Why not try swimming if you haven’t before, or get some adrenaline rushing with a poker game? Perhaps you can try that photography class that you wanted to try when you were younger, or you could become a life drawing model? There are lots of things to get involved with now you have the time, and hopefully some more resources than you did, than when you have a young family to raise. Now you can spend money on yourself, your own interests, and do as you please, without answering anyone.

Covering Your Bases

Now, so much strange advice and propaganda is marketed toward the older generation, and while you don’t have to start planning your own funeral  just yet, it’s good to be smart about these choices. Looking after yourself, and even your partner, can require some difficult decisions and swallowing your pride at times. If you think you might need a medical alert system, like Alert-1 for example, or you  just want to be on the safe side, invest in one. If a mobility scooter or walking stick might be of use to you, get one! There are so many things to make your life easier and safer to live, so if something might be of use to you, there’s no harm in trying it out.

Spending Time With the Family

This is an obvious one, but if you have more time on your hands, this is great time to spend with your family. Appreciating your loved ones is one of the best pastimes out there.


Growing old gracefully can be done in lots of different ways. It’s a time to grow, challenge yourself, and try new things. All the best for the adventures you’re yet to have!

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