Intermediate Computer Skills Every Millennial Needs on Their CV

Millennials have grown up with the internet and technology. With the oldest of them probably getting online no later than their early to mid-teens, and the youngest not remembering a time without the internet, they tend to be all over anything to do with technology. However, despite this, many millennials don’t have the computer skills that employers are looking for. In the US, 32% of people aged 16 to 29 don’t have any work-related computer experience, and older generations have years of experience using computers at work. If millennials want to stand out, they should demonstrate some of the following intermediate skills.

Basic Coding

The ability to do basic coding is becoming a huge asset in the workplace. It can help to complement a range of skills, from web and graphic design to copywriting. It can be pretty easy to pick up on your own, but there are also some great courses you can take. Even kids can pick it up, so there’s no excuse!

The Nitty-gritty of Computer Tech

You might be able to make a PowerPoint or even mess around in Photoshop, but being able to use a program is different to really understanding it. Having some in-depth knowledge about operating systems, databases and other things that form of the background of the applications you use will definitely help you.

Microsoft Office Usage

Employers will ask for skills in different software applications, but Microsoft Office is often the standard. Most people know the basics of how to create a Word document or input a formula in an Excel spreadsheet, but being able to do more will get you far.

Infographic of STL excel tricks

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