5 Car Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid

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Maintaining your car correctly costs money, but failing to maintain it can cost even more. Here are five mistakes to avoid to keep you spending less on your vehicle.

Forgetting to check fluids

Cars have all kinds of fluids under their bonnet nowadays. Some modern cars have warning lights to tell us when these fluids are low, whilst others rely on us checking them manually. Make sure that you are keeping all these fluids topped up – if they run dry it could cause extra damage to parts. These fluids include oil, brake fluid, washer fluid, engine coolant and power steering fluid.

Letting tires go flat

Underinflated tires won’t just cause the rubber to wear – it could have a knock on effect on other parts of your car. Your vehicle is likely to use up more fuel when driving on underinflated tires and braking is likely to be less effective. One underinflated tire meanwhile could put the whole car out of balance, causing steering to pull and possibly affecting the camber. The moment you think those tires are looking spongy, it’s worth getting some air in them. Just don’t overinflate them, because this can be just as bad.

Ignoring warning lights

Warning lights appear for a reason, yet it’s surprising how many people ignore them. You should always consult your vehicle manual or take your car into a car repair centre to diagnose what the problem is. Fixing it early could prevent catastrophic damage later down the line. Occasionally electrics will play up and tell you there’s something wrong when there isn’t – be careful when this happens as a faulty light could stop you from actually knowing when a real problem arises.

Cheaping it out on repairs

There are lots of ways to go cheap on repairs from going DIY to ordering partially worn parts. Some people may even shop around for the cheapest repair centre, only to settle with a dodgy mechanic making up for a bad reputation with low costs. Whilst you make think you’re saving money this way, you could in fact be creating new faults later down the line. There are times when paying extra for specialist treatment can be of benefit such as finding a European auto repair service for a European car. Above all, read reviews and testimonials so that you know the type of service you’re getting.  

Not considering seasonal maintenance

Different seasons may bring different types of maintenance. The most obvious is winter in which a car battery can die if the engine is not regularly started up. You may even benefit from switching up your tires for winter tires during this season. In the summer, you may want to keep a keen eye on engine coolant levels as well checking that the air conditioning is working properly. 

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The Stress You Don’t Need When Moving Home

Did you know that many recent polls indicate moving home as one of the most stressful, if not the most stressful, events that can happen in a lifetime? Much of that stress is down to the process of selling and buying a home and the many legal or financial complications that can arise from it. But the actual moving day itself can play a huge role, too. A stress-free move isn’t impossible, however, and we’re going to look at problems that can get in the way of it.

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Moving through a mess

Organising all your furniture and possessions can already be enough of a struggle, but if you’re doing it with a lot of unnecessary additions then it becomes even more burdensome. The best way to make packing and moving much easier is to give yourself less to work with. Long before you start packing, do an inventory of everything you own in the house. There are plenty of ways to get rid of unwanted items, from selling them to donating them, as shown by Allianz. Clutter isn’t just going to give you more work, it’s widely acknowledged to be an inducer of stress, as well. Strip down your belongings to the essentials.

Doing five things all at once

Getting rid of your unwanted goods can immediately cut down the workload, but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to still have a lot of work to do. Rather than picking one task at a time to tackle out of a seemingly endless list of chores, make a moving schedule. Schedule a day for packing in different rooms, for getting in contact with your movers, for cleaning the house one last time and more. As packing can often take the longest time, it’s a good idea to get started with that before anything else. The clean, on the other hand, should be done as late as possible when you have fewer boxes obstructing the task. Managing your time well is crucial. Plan enough in advance, and you can escape the threat of a looming deadline.

Packing without a plan

Packing isn’t all about finding enough boxes to fit all your stuff. You can make both your life and your movers’ jobs significantly easier by taking a more organised approach as shown at Real Simple. For one, think about where your boxes are going to go and make it easier for them to find the right destination. Label them with the rooms that they’re supposed to be going to. You can make the system even more efficient by using post-it notes in different colours to differentiate them. Right before moving day, place them so they’re easier to move, with the largest boxes and furniture being as close to the front door as possible without getting in the way.

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Taking care of your own car

If you’re moving a short distance, such as in the same state or the same town, then driving your own car from the old home to the new isn’t much to worry about. You can even save some money by using your own space to transport some goods instead of using a larger removals van. However, if it’s a trip across state lines, then it’s well worth considering how services like Jayde Transport can help. It might cost a little more to use them, but having it transported for you allows you to take a plane instead of having to drive all day and all night. That gives you one less thing to worry about until you’re ready to pick it up from the depot.

Doing it alone

Depending on how much you have to move and how far you have to move, trying to go it alone can be difficult to the point of recklessness. It might include multiple trips and even multiple days to complete the move. By the time you’re done, you’ll be so exhausted that the prospect of unpacking becomes unbearable and your first night in the new home is a miserable experience. If you have the budget for it, it can save a lot of time and effort to hire a moving company. However, you can save money by asking friends to help, as well. Just make sure you get them a gift to show your appreciation if they do.

Having one plan

Always assume that your plans can go pear-shaped. If you’re planning on using a moving company, be aware that they might have to cancel with little warning. For that reason, always have a backup ready. Have a friend waiting on standby to help if you really need them. Check the availability of other moving companies and see if there’s one you could hire with very short notice. You might end up paying more, but it beats having to delay the move entirely if your initial plan falls through.

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Not having an overnight bag packed

You have to be aware of the fact that your move might not be complete within a single day, either. You could arrive before your possessions, especially during a cross-country move, or you could find yourself arriving when it’s already late in the evening and it’s going to be difficult to get the beds unpacked. Even if you don’t want to do it, plan for an overnight stay without the majority of your possessions. Bring sleeping bags and pack an overnight bag so you can stay comfortable and get some sleep even if you’re not able to set up in the new home just yet. Your overnight bag should also contain some of the most important documents proving you’re the new homeowner in case you arouse any suspicions.

Moving home can be stress-free, but that doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed. Make sure you’re in the best possible condition to deal with the hassle of moving day. That means getting a full night’s sleep beforehand and keeping yourself fed and hydrated for the ordeal to come. It can be trying enough already, you don’t need to be tired and starving on top of the stress.

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