Myths About Sleep: Debunked!

Do you ever think about what happens when you go to sleep? Do you ever think about the rumours posted about facts surrounding sleep and ponder whether or not they are true. Well, prepare to be amazed. There are so many false assumptions about sleep and what happens when you sleep or what can impact your sleeping pattern that we’re here to set the record straight. Let’s start by thinking about dreams.

When You’re Asleep, Your Brain Achieves Its Maximum Potential

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False! This idea has been around for quite some time, but it was recently made popular again by Christopher Nolan’s Inception. Yes, lucid dreaming is a fascinating topic, and yes it is possible to fail to realise you’re asleep because a dream can be so realistic. But it has nothing to do with utilising your full brain power. In fact, we are always using our full brain power just not all at once, and we don’t use it all at once while we’re asleep either. The simplest way to think about this is that your brain is divided into sections. When you complete an activity, part of the brain related to that activity will light up on the MRI. You don’t need all of it though. For instance, you don’t need the part of your brain that handles your inhibition when you’re lying down in bed.

Electromagnetic Energy Is Keeping Me Up

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It’s unlikely, to say the least. Let’s say that you are struggling to sleep in your bedroom. You might go online, and one of the first articles you stumble across may suggest that energy from EMF, electromagnetic frequencies can disrupt your sleep by screwing with your brain waves. In fact, it was recently shown in an exaggerated form on a popular TV show Better Call Saul. Now, the theory behind this suggests that the tiny amounts of radioactive energy that every single tech device produces impacts your brain. However, there is very little evidence to support this. Even standing on an electricity pylon probably won’t impact you that greatly because it’s far enough away from you. So, the chances of the TV in your room, designed to be consumer friendly causing an issue are slim to none. Interestingly if you do stumble on sites claiming this type of fear as fact, they are usually connected to a company selling EMF safety software and equipment on sites like Fascinating huh?

Sleeping On A Firm Mattress Is Good For You?

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Have you ever heard this one? You might have complained to your mum and dad about your mattress and mentioned that you have decided to buy a new one. Why bother! – They exclaim loudly. Sleeping on a firm mattress is good for your back, don’t you know. But actually, the science doesn’t back up their claim. In fact, sleeping on a firm mattress can actually be worse for you. It pushes your body into an unnatural position and as such may impact blood flow. It could also cause increased tension in the lower back muscles. According to sites like, different mattresses suit different people. But that doesn’t mean you should continue to sleep on a firm mattress if it is causing you discomfort. Instead, it’s probably time to pick out a new one.

OBE Is Totally Real

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It could be, we can’t guarantee this one isn’t true however we also can’t say empirically that it is. What we can tell you is that an OBE or outer body experience is classified as paranormal activity. There is a research grant in America that will give anyone a million dollars if they can prove empirically a paranormal activity. This grant has never been claimed. Now, it’s possible that technology simply isn’t there yet to show someone experiencing an OBE. Or, it’s quite possible that they are just a trick of the imagination. We simply don’t know, and for now, we’re happy to label this one as debunked.

You Can Function Fine On Two Minutes Of Sleep

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The length of time varies. Some people say they can function on a couple of minutes of sleep. Others suggest that they can handle life in just a couple of hours, but scientifically they’re wrong. Experts suggest that you do indeed need at least eight hours to function effectively. While you can function on less, you will not be reaching your maximum potential and will be more prone to making serious mistakes. So, you might have seen hospital shows where the characters claim to be working on five minutes of sleep. If this were actually the case, those doctors would probably be killing more people than they saved.

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