Same Book, Different Chapter: Transforming Marketing


A marketing strategy isn’t working so the company should tear up the plan and start again.

That is the attitude lots of businesses take when their strategy is clearly failing. Yes, there needs to be changes and adaptations yet evolution is better than revolution. As a rule, the less trauma there is, the better it will be for the firm in the long-term.

So, it’s better for a company to evolve and modify a current plan, right? Yes, that’s right because the foundations may already be in place. Plus, everyone has worked too hard to throw it in the garbage. But, when you are not used to making subtle alterations, the process can be difficult.

Thankfully, there is no reason to fret because Life Space Blog has got your back. Below are the factors to consider regarding your new marketing plan. Hopefully, it will bear fruit sooner rather than later.

Review The Map

A plan is like a map in the sense it should guide you from one place to the next. In the beginning, marketing merely is about raising awareness of the brand. But, the next level is to target new and emerging markets, and then it is to compete with the big boy brands. In the confusion, it is easy to get lost, especially if the map isn’t an effective one. With that in mind, take a look at the goals which you set out in the beginning. Are they telling you where they are and where you plan to go? If the answer is no, the company has to redefine its goals. Whether you start all over again or not, you won’t succeed until the targets are tailor-made for the business.

Assess Strengths And Weaknesses

Plenty of companies continue on their merry way without realizing they are in trouble. It sounds ignorant yet it’s a very straightforward task because the warning signs may not register. Or, the cracks may get covered by an overly successful part of the strategy. Just be clear, because one area of the plan works doesn’t mean it’s a solid approach. If the marketing policies are uneven, they will all fall under the pressure at some point. So, the best course of action is SWOT analysis. In simple terms, you and the team write down a list of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Not to point out the obvious, but you want to focus on the weak areas and how to improve.

Makeover The Team

Firstly, there should be a team in charge of marketing. If there isn’t, creating one may be the answer to all your prayers. Should you have one, something’s not right or else the marketing effort would be more successful. Whatever you do, don’t fire or clear out the whole team. Not only is it a costly move, but it’s also terrible for company morale. Employees are essential to success, and you need them on your side to grow and expand. Rather than lash out, make subtle changes to personal instead. For example, you can change the team leader. Hopefully, a new leader will persuade people to come up with new and engaging ideas. Plus, the current leader has had their chance and failed. Sometimes, a reshuffle is an excellent way to stimulate creativity.

Concentrate On Easy Victories

When there is a new team in place, the boss needs a quick win. Then, everyone will have confidence in their ability to lead. Also, it will validate the risky decision to change personnel. A mistake lots of managers make regarding marketing is taking on the big projects first. After all, that will make the biggest impact. Sadly, the reason they are still on the to-do list is that they are devilishly difficult. After a while, managers realize this yet it’s too late to turn back. They are in a corner with nowhere to go but down. Now that you know this, you should avoid the significant tasks for the time being. Instead, get the team to focus on a project which ticks all the boxes. For example, you may try and increase traffic to the site with subtle changes to calls to action. Any increase in the numbers will impress the higher-ups and legitimize your position.



Some people see outsourcing as passing the buck. However, there is a reason it’s one of the best tips on writing a marketing strategy available. Think about it logically for a second. Not only do you not have the skill or experience, but you don’t have the resources, either. As a business investment, it doesn’t seem like a very sound one. But, by hiring a firm who has all of the above, you can clear up any issues. Thanks to their reputation, list of clients and ability to focus on one area, they can produce a high standard of work. Plus, outsourcers also tend to cut costs too. So, the product is better and cheaper. It may be a no-brainer depending on the circumstances.

Mobilize The Company

Not enough bosses understand the link between marketing and the rest of the firm. Yes, adverts bring in customers and money which helps fund the organization as a whole. But, the role of marketing is wider-ranging than being a cash cow. To produce quality content, the team needs everything from problem-solvers to up to date statistics. Without them, they may omit vital information which may lure in new customers. Therefore, the entire company needs to get behind the department. Does accounting know how big the budget is for the year? Great, then get them to tell marketing. Does a big boss need to sign off on any content or material? Okay, make sure someone is available at the drop of a hat. The more closed-off the company is, the harder for the department to do their job. Openness and communication are the keys to success in any project.

The first thing the company has to realize is that a new book isn’t necessary. As a rule, writing a new chapter is a savvier course of action. After that, the department has to assess its weaknesses and prioritize tasks.

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