Bad Weather? Keep Your Sanity With These DIY Project Tips

It doesn’t take much to keep us indoors. Bad weather and wintry conditions quickly lead to boredom though. If you’re looking for something new to keep you occupied for the next few weeks, why not consider a DIY project? There are plenty of beginner projects you can start with, and there are even more if you’re up for a challenge. Here’s a guide to get you started even if the weather holds:


The first thing you need is a source of ideas and inspiration. You might have a few jobs to do around the house. Putting up a picture hook and repairing the curtain rail is a bit boring though. What you want is something that makes life that little bit better! Maybe a new entertainment center? Or why not go all the way and create a man cave out of your spare bedroom?

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Every good DIYer has all the tools they need. Of course, most of us just getting started have very little in the way of tools! You will need a good pair of screwdrivers, a weighty hammer, and a power drill. If you know you’re going to be doing some serious projects, you might want to opt for a hammer drill that can get through masonry as well as wood. Some of the better ones are reviewed at websites like You will also need a good measuring tape, a spanner set, and a saw.

Getting Started

Always sketch what you intend to build. And always triple check any measurements! If you’re buying wood or other materials, errors can be quite costly. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for an opinion on your ideas as you work. You never know – someone might see things in a different way that could spark your next big idea or improvement. Have a look at some images at places like Finally, make a list of your work plan, so you don’t miss any crucial steps.

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Putting It Together

It might take several steps to get to a point where you can see the fruits of your labor. Once it all comes together, you can start to pat yourself on the back, though! Most DIY projects are abandoned long before this point so well done you. Now, of course, you need to work on finishing it off and making it look really good. Helpful tools here include the paintbrush, the sandpaper, and the glue gun!

Didn’t Work Out?

So it didn’t quite go to plan? Don’t panic. Most projects are fixable even when they’ve gone horribly wrong. Keep your cool, take a step back and figure out where it went wrong. You might need to grab some more materials. You might need to grab a mate to help. You might even need to start over. All of this is about the learning curve, and sometimes that can be pretty steep. Don’t lose heart. You’ve got your tools, you’ve got some experience now, and you’ve got your good ideas.

Whatever you’ve been working on, and whatever you fancy trying next, don’t wait for bad weather to get started. You can enjoy all the delights of doing-it-yourself any time of the year. And then you can enjoy whatever it is you’ve built!

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