More Than A Man Cave, Creating A True Games Room

It’s the dream of many a man with a place to really make his own. Whether it gives you a little space to relax away from the family when you need it or it’s just a part of the home that’s perfectly suited for you, your pals, and some good fun together, the man cave can transform how you see your home. But when it’s done right, it won’t resemble a cave at all, but a unique space in the home worth treasuring.


Set the mood

The first thing that’s going to differentiate your games room from a man cave is the fact that it doesn’t look like a cave. Yes, it should be the place to let yourself get truly comfortable, but that doesn’t mean slovenly. The right mood lighting can really add a masculine, casual tint to the place without letting it feel too dark and dingy. Don’t be afraid of decorating in a way that really fits your interests, either. This is a place to let out the side of you that’s all about enjoyment, leisure, and passions. Displaying record collections, framing movie posters, and showing off some paraphernalia can really add a great deal of your personality to it.


Make room for the games

One problem that a lot of games rooms have is that the owners don’t really make room for what is supposed to be the central focus of the room. Don’t clog it up too much with unnecessary decor that takes space or seats that aren’t used. Seats should be kept to the edges of the room or dedicated to the attractions of the room. Think of the floor plan when you’re adding the games as well. Bespoke furniture like a custom poker table can help you add attractions in a way that works perfectly to the dimensions of the room. If you have an arcade machine, you need room to stand in front of it without getting in the way.


Anticipate guests

Your games room might very well see a lot of solo use if you’re setting up a den for video gaming. However, you’re going to want to show it off. While you shouldn’t clog the room up with loads of seats, cheaper furniture like bar stools or small wicker chairs with a simple cushion addition can make it a lot more comfortable for more people, instead of keeping everyone standing. If you’re sharing the home, you might want to think about the effects of having guests in a room that encourages gaming and competition. Things can get loud, so insulating it with acoustic tiles on the walls and soundproofing the door can keep everyone happy. Otherwise, expect the others in the home to pull the plug on the fun.

Everyone should have their own space in the home and if you have room for it, a man cave or a games room might be yours. Just make sure that any family you might be living with agrees to it. These rooms have been the subject of many a heated debate in the past.

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