Where Is Technology Tripping Up Your Business?

Many company owners often fail to see the implications or complications of a technological world. It’s not always easy to identify where new technologies might apply to your business. But if you fail to recognise that changes are happening and need to happen for your company to be competitive, you might be in for some trouble ahead. Here are just 3 ways your business might tripping up already:

Not Investing In The Latest Innovations

Investing in technology takes a lot of thought. It often takes a lot of research too. It’s worth doing though so that you can keep up with your competition. After all, your customers will expect it. They want to order online and chat with customer service representatives online. Information is essential!

Investments often take a long time to justify, but technology is different. It may not be a do-or-die scenario, but many companies certainly feel under that level of pressure. If you’re looking for ways to fund the new technologies your company needs, then you might contact Unsecured Capital Australia for some ideas on how to finance it. Does your business have products, customer services, ordering systems, and security? All of them can use the latest innovations in technology.

Not Seeing The Opportunities Technology Offers

Perhaps the biggest barrier to investing in new ideas is to not see the potential of what it might offer your company. Every time something new is developed, it takes time for business leaders to implement it and utilize it to suit their own company needs. The news of this ripples out, and eventually you might hear of it. Want to become the company that is first to realize new opportunities? All it takes is an innovative leader with creative thinking.

Work anywhere, any time – credit

The days of creating technology to solve existing problems are far from over. What might stand you apart is the initiative to use emerging technologies to solve problems you didn’t know you had yet. Can you do business in different ways? Can you reach new customers or reduce overheads. What can emerging opportunities provide for you?


Not Using Technology To Improve Ways Of Working

New ways of working can drastically reduce your overheads. Remote or distant working has been the dream of many bosses and their employees for decades! Imagine being able to get the job done without having to leave your bed! What about working around caring duties, or even working from a different timezone? All of these were the stuff of dreams. Today it is rapidly becoming the norm.

Flexible working is just one way that your business and employees could benefit from  your investment in new technologies. Smaller premises or even no formal premises might be possible. You might not even have staff on the payroll. Instead, you engage a team of freelancers, reducing your tax and insurance obligations. There will be no pension pot to protect, and no health and safety laws to uphold.

Technology is offering more and more people the chance to work flexibly, develop their own businesses, and live life they way they want to. If the thought of technological advancement is tripping your company up, consider the changes you could make.

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Geeky Gifts for History Buffs

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The holidays are coming, and that means that it’s time to start thinking about Christmas gifts. We all want to give our loved ones something that they’ll truly appreciate on Christmas morning, but as I’m sure you’re aware, that can be much more easily said than done. However, if you have a friend or family member who happens to be a history buff, your task to pick the perfect gift just got a little easier!

Here are some fantastically geeky gift ideas for the history buff in your life:

A History Buff T-Shirt

If your history buff is out and proud about his antiquarian interests, then he’s sure to love a history buff t-shirt, that lets the whole world know what he’s about, and which will surely help him to attract others of his kind!


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If you know a history buff who’s really interested in the prehistoric period, then you simply can’t go wrong with wrapping up a few prehistoric fossils for her to open on Christmas Morn’. Specimens like this otodus obliquus teeth are old, unique and extremely interesting, guaranteeing a full-on geek-out when they’re unwrapped. They’ll look great when they’re put on display amongst all those old books and artefacts she has too!

A History-Based Board Game

Board games are pretty essential during the holiday period, so why not present your history buff with a brand new one to add to their collection? 7 Wonders is a thrilling historically based game in which you take on the role as one of the leaders of the ancient world’s seven great cities. You are tasked with building not only your city, but also your army, and your power – they’ll love it!

A History Subscription Box

If you want to give the history lover your life the gift that keeps on giving, then investing in a subscription to one of the offerings from History in a Box, which will see them treated to a new box packed with historical information each month, is ideal. You can currently choose from American History, Ancient History or The Middle Ages, and since you can choose subscriptions by age range, you can always ensure that the recipient will get something out of the gift.

Antique Books

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History buffs tend to love antique books, and there are lots of them to be had, so pick up a couple of their favorites or a tome that deals with a period in history they’re particularly concerned with and they will be happy as Larry when they open it.

Museum Subscriptions

An interest in history and a love of museums obviously go hand in hand, so scope out the best history museums in your area and buy your history buff a subscription if you want to get in her good books, Even better, buy a subscription for you both and commit accompanying her on some of her many outings. Do this and you’ll make her day!

These gifts might be a little geeky, but they are sure to delight any history lover, and you’re sure to be crowned greatest gifter, by your history buff at least, this Christmas.

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