Squeezing A Career Out Of A Work Life



A lot of people don’t really start thinking about how their current life is affecting their career until they’re already well and truly in a routine at work. Then, the trouble becomes that they might be kept so busy by that work life that it becomes hard to see their career. But you can still find the next step if you can’t see past all that paperwork.

See what your employer can offer

Perhaps you might like the industry you’re in. You just want a bit of progression or even a lateral move. If that’s the case, talk to your employer or your boss. Ask them about what other positions are opening, to keep you in mind, and see what kind of training or career development they have on offer. You need to be able to identify when your current job is getting into a rut and your bosses simply don’t care about investing in you. Otherwise, you might be stuck there waiting years for the golden opportunity that just isn’t coming.

Find education on your own terms

If they’re not offering anything at work, then what can you do? You can begin by getting an idea of a direction you want to move in. From there, it’s all about getting the education and training that can make the move real. In a busy schedule, most traditional options simply won’t fit with your schedule. But thanks to the internet, education on your schedule is becoming more and more freely available. You can find the pace that works with your job, whether it’s night classes from home or a weekly digest at the end of the week. There are few career-relevant skills that can’t be taught online anymore.

Focus on yourself, not the job

It’s easy to let your job define you. It’s what you spend a lot of your day doing. But that can make it hard to focus on selling yourself and your career. Branding your own skills and what you have to offer any company is important. Most important is thinking about the skills and achievements you’ve accomplished at work. It might all seem very common and mundane to you, but phrased right on a resume, it can be a lot more impactful. You just have to make it attractive and relevant to other employers.

Don’t push yourself to the brink

Remember to breathe. If you’re having trouble handling the career search as well as your job, then you have to beware. If you’re always feeling tired, becoming late for work more often, or finding it hard to switch off at night, you might be sacrificing too much for your career. Take it easy. So long as you’re making progress, you’re not wasting time.

Don’t let yourself get caught in the spiral of your work life keeping you from a career. Take the steps, whether internally or externally, to transform your work life and to make yourself a much better fit for the career that you want not the job that you have.

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