How To Launch The Career You Always Wanted In Midlife

A job for life is a thing of the past and a lifelong career is not the reality for most people. This is hardly surprising. You choose your first career as a teenager. When you approach middle age, you are a very different person. You know more about life and have collected skills and experience along the way. You have also changed as a person. Your beliefs, values, and priorities may be very different to when you were 16 years old!

So, why stick with the same career? Thousands of people make a midlife career change each year and with the right guidance, you could join them. Here are some tips for making your midlife career change a success.

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Make the right choice

There is no point in swapping your career if you simply end up in a job that is just as bad. Take your time to investigate what you want to do. Remember, it is not just the job itself. Think about the hours that you want to work. Do you want to do shift work and work weekends?

Perhaps working from home would suit you better, especially if you have any health problems or are caring for children or an elderly relative.

Get the skills that you need

You may have the passion, the personality and the experience but do you have the skills? Mid-life is the perfect time to brush up your skills. You have some more time on your hands because your kids will be older or may have even left home. You are also more financially secure and have some spare cash to spend on courses that interest you and which may be helpful.

If you are thinking of launching a career on-line or setting up a business on the web you must get some online business skills. You will need to be able to write, market and communicate and there are plenty of courses that can help you with that.

Communication skills are vital to all careers and if you feel that you are lacking in this area there is plenty that you can do about it. If you want to know how to improve English speaking skills you can access courses that will help you with your English but will make it fun. If it has been a while since you took part in any sort of learning, this course will work for you because it makes learning fun with talking partners, movies and music.

Believe in yourself

Midlife can be a time of renewal and self-discovery but it can also be a time where you lose confidence in your own abilities. You may feel inadequate and unable to compete with younger colleagues. Don’t forget what you can bring to a role. You will have skills and experience that they cannot offer. Do not make the mistake of underestimating your soft skills. Employers value them highly and so should you.

You do not have to make this major decision in a hurry so slow down and enjoy the process. Being in-between careers is a fun time in your life and you should make the most of it!

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