Keep Your Ford Ranger Running Smoother For Longer

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For those who don’t know, the Ford Ranger has long been the most popular car both in sales figures and driver satisfaction. But like most things in life, how long you get to enjoy your beloved truck is all about what you put into it. Don’t worry, we’re not insinuating that you have to spend thousands of bucks every few years, just a little bit of tender, love, care, and maintenance will do the trick.

That is why we have spoken to some members of a Ford Ranger Driver’s Club, as well as the Chief Engineer, to help you understand what the most effective ways of keeping your truck running smoothly are.

Always Get That Oil Change

You may be rolling your eyes and thinking, “yeah, yeah, we know this one,” and you’d be right too; it is one of the most documented ways of ensuring your Ranger has a long and smooth life. What you may not know is there are different oils that are tailored to different stages of a car’s life, as will attest. Chances are, you have been using conventional oil. However, if your car qualifies as high mileage then you should really be using what they call blend. As for how often, our Ford engineer recommends every 7000 miles or six months, depending on which comes first.

Swap Your Tires Around

For a whole range of variable, your tires won’t wear evenly. Drivetrain, terrain, alignment, driving style; there are so many reasons that will see tires wear and different rates. As such, recommend that you swap the front and back tires over every time you get your oil changed. This is especially important on Ford Ranger’s where the front tires are known to wear much faster. The great thing about this little hack is that rotation won’t just extend the life of your tires, it will also improve your ride quality.

Let Your Truck Breathe

Engines are a lot like humans in the sense that the cleaner the air they breathe the better they operate. Don’t despair, this is a relatively easy task. All you have to do is swap out the air filters every 20,000 or so miles. This is because air filters become clogged up with all sorts – dust, debris, chemicals, bits and bobs – and by swapping them out regularly you are giving your Ranger a chance at a much more optimized life and for longer; hello new-found love for your pre-owned car. We’re talking better fuel economy, top speed, and acceleration. Of course, if you are often driving on dirt tracks and off-road, then you will want to change your filter more frequently than every 20,000 miles.

Maintain Your Fluids

The obvious one on this front is your engine oil; an essential fluid going. What you are looking for is any signs of it being dirty and to see if it smells like gas. If it does, well, it’s time for that change. However, that isn’t the only fluid you need to check on the regular because both engine coolant and windshield washer fluid are going to be especially important to your car’s healthy and your comfort. This is especially true for the coolant because that is what keeps your engine from overheating.

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