6 Things No-One Tells You When Getting Your First Car

So you’ve just passed your driving tests and are now a fully licensed driver. Hooray! The next step is to buy your first car so that you too will have the freedom to drive around whenever you want, and not need to rely on others for your transport needs.


There is no denying that the Web is full of articles that tell you how to buy your first car. The thing is, have you ever noticed how they seldom tell you about the stuff you actually need to know about?

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In today’s article, I’m going to share with you six of the biggest points and facts of first car buying that you’re unlikely to read about elsewhere on the Internet:


  1. It’s okay to be honest with a car salesperson


You often hear about the tactics that should be employed when negotiating with car salespeople. But, have you ever considered that simply being honest about your position and needs is a better strategy?


If you’re upfront with information on what you can afford, and the types of autos that interest you, it will save both you and the dealerships time when negotiating deals.

  1. There’s more than one way to fund your first car


Just because a dealership offers auto finance doesn’t mean you have to use it. You may not realize it, but there are many cheap car loans out there to suit everyone’s budgets! So, whether you want to buy a Ford Focus or a Ferrari 488 Spider, there’s plenty of finance options available to you.


  1. The cheapest car isn’t always the best option


You might think that it makes sense to spend as little as possible on your first car. But, you need to consider that the auto you buy must be reliable and fuel-efficient. The last thing you want to do is purchase a vehicle that soon becomes a depressing money pit!

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  1. Your lifestyle needs will change


Okay, so you might have your heart set on a coupe or convertible car. But, if you’re planning to start a family with your significant other soon, how practical is such a vehicle going to be? Before you decide on a particular model, it’s best to think about how likely your lifestyle needs will change in the next five years or so.

  1. Don’t buy a car you can’t afford to maintain


These days, there are plenty of high-performance sports cars on the market that are now affordable enough for most people to purchase. The thing is, many would-be owners don’t realize that maintenance costs could be quite high and even exceed the purchase price of the vehicles in question!


With that in mind, make sure you only buy a car that you know is cheap enough to service and repair.

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  1. Sort out your finances before you borrow money to buy a car


One final thing to bear in mind is the financial aspect of buying your first car. If you’ve got some cash saved up, you can probably avoid this tip. But, if you need to borrow some money to pay for your vehicle, ensure your personal finances are in order first.


By having a healthy credit score, you’re more likely to gain access to the best finance deals on the market.

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