Freelancing Your Way To Freedom – Is It Worth It?

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Getting from A to B when you’re a freelancer can often seem like you’re taking a tour through the alphabet instead. Some things take longer to work out than others, especially if you’ve never done them before. Coming to terms with finances, admin, accounts and everything that goes hang in hand with your new venture is a daunting time, but one that should be taken on with a certain amount of optimism if you’re to finish in a good place. There are some things which can be done in an easier way, however, if you’re wanting to cut down on all of the tasks and simplify your processes.


Get Your Messages In One Place


We’re moving fast past the world of email. Everything is happening in real-time now, including conversations with customers and clients. If you don’t use Kik online or another web-messaging service, it’s time to immerse yourself in this new world. It logs onto your phone, so you will be able to keep the conversations going even if you’re stepping away from your computer at any point. In a world where we are expecting answers straight away, this can be useful to touch base with those who are requesting your attention and services.




Outsourcing isn’t cheating! It’s simply finding a more effective way to get things done. If this means that you have to supply other people with some work, where’s the bad in that? What you need to focus on is the revenue-generating jobs that are to be completed within your startup or business. If you are wasting time trying to get your accounts in order or sending out promotional emails, you’d be better off hiring a professional who can do it for you in half the time and for half of the cost – at least, in most cases, this is true. You will be one of many people who are getting in touch with the niche freelancers, so don’t think that they won’t be looking to get your work done ASAP; you’re usually part of a very long queue!




If you’re not motivating yourself to get your work done, there is no point in taking up a job like this. Working in an employed environment with other people, you can’t see the benefits of having them there to spur you on, of having targets to meet from those who are in a position above you and generally cultivating motivation from around the office. There is nobody else playing this game but you; if you can’t keep up with what you’ve got to do, it’s time to take a step back. Ways to motivate yourself come from different sources and it all depends on the individual; some like working to tight deadlines and the rush of adrenaline from submitting something in just in time, while others choose to reward themselves with a treat like a small holiday or luxury item that they have been coveting for getting the job done. Whatever it is that you need to get through, definitely use it.

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