Everything You Need To Work From Home

Working from home might seem like the perfect situation; you save money on commuting to work, you’re never too far from your fridge, and you’re always home in time for dinner. However, there are some downsides to being at home all the time; you can get easily distracted by dirty dishes, your pets and children can constantly demand your attention, and you might soon realise that your neighborhood isn’t as quiet as you think. Even though you’re going to be home all day, you need to act as though you’re going into the office; this, plus the following tips, are essential to boosting your productivity.

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Productive space

If you’ve ever had to work in an office that’s dull, lifeless, and badly lit, you’ll recall that your overall productivity suffered during your tenure in said workplace. Get your home office off to a good start by adding some creative, yet productive touches. Find a quiet room in the house and make it entirely your own by painting it a color you love. Make sure your office has enough natural light coming through, as well as a well-lit lamp. For some people, subtle scents can soothe the stress of thought blockages and procrastination, resulting in increased focus. These small touches can really help your home office come to life.

Comfortable chair

Although people who work from home might be tempted to work at the dining table, on the sofa, or even in bed, your mind works better if you’re working on a proper desk and seated in a good chair. However, it has to be the right kind of chair. Since you’re likely spending several hours a day sitting in this chair, you want to take precautions against back pain and long-term discomfort. The key to reducing back pain, headaches, and poor concentration is to have a Crossford Executive Lumbar-Support Office Chair that provides good lumbar and pelvic support to promote healthy posture, better breathing, and improved concentration and endurance through long hours of seated task-work.

Clear desk

No matter where you work, paperwork has a habit of piling up. Since you’re already in a tight space, you should make your life easier by decluttering often; file anything that needs to be kept, shred any documents you don’t need, or go paperless to reduce the amount of work you need to put away. You should also fight off anyone who wants to use your office as temporary storage for boxes of clutter. This is your space; don’t let anyone else encroach on it.

Something to keep you focused

The best part about working home alone is that you have complete freedom to find the thing that motivates you. If you find it helpful to listen to music while you work, then make sure you have really good speakers on your laptop. If you need to move every once in a while, get some small weights or a jump rope to do exercise for five minutes to get your blood flowing.

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