The Ultimate Home Gym Studio: Sweat With A Smile

Staying fit and healthy is a priority in everyday life. Not only does it matter for your self-esteem – who doesn’t want to like what they see in the mirror? – but it is also a basic health requirement. With gym memberships increasing regularly, it seems that gym is the way to go to stay on top of your health. However, recent surveys have found that almost 75% of gym goers are guilty of bad gym etiquette. Not bringing a towel, grunting loudly as your exercise, and showing off your muscles are only some of the regular complaints about the gym. In short, while it’s a practical place to get fit, it is also the most dreaded place for most people. So why not look at a way to get your own gym studio at home and without breaking the bank?


The Practical Gym Room

When you decide to exercise at home, you will need more than just motivation – although the motivation is essential to it. You’ll need a space that is dedicated to your workout. While most people try at first to accommodate a gym bike or a treadmill between the sofa and the TV, you need, to be honest from the start: If you want to exercise at home, you need to take it seriously and to start a home improvement project. The preferred solution to get your home gym is to use a steel building _ which is easy and quick to build, and extremely energy-efficient. The main reason why most homeowners turn to steel gym buildings is that it is the most practical use that they could make of their backyard. While this can sound a little lame, it is in truth a great way to make the most of your space for a good cause.

A home gym studio by the pool

Fitness Gear That Doesn’t Break The Bank

Building your own gym gives you one advantage: You can focus on your workout, and you don’t need to spend a lot on your fitness gear. Why not? Because making use of the space that a room gives you is a great way to exercise. For example, using only a kettlebell, you can burn up to 800 calories per hour. You can even find workouts that don’t need any equipment, but that you wouldn’t have been able to do easily in a crowded gym. If you are into tracking gear, you might want to try the health tracking functions of your phone before investing in specialist gear. When it comes to fitness, motivation matters more than having the latest gadget. And motivation is exactly what a clean and private gym studio gives you.

Fitness Weights Training Kettlebell



Why It Works

You may wonder why working out at home should be better than at the gym. The reasoning is very human. Your home offers a place for exercises that fits into your daily program, and that helps you to concentrate. You don’t need to suffer from any of the usual lack of gym etiquette: There is nobody to flex his or her muscles in front of you and destroy your mojo; the equipment might be sweaty as you use it but it’s your own sweat. So, beat the 75% of bad gym goers and get your own studio!

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