The Things You Didn’t Know Your Phone Could Do


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In this day and age, our phones do so much more than just keeping us in contact. Smartphones have changed the way we use technology. They’ve become an essential part of our everyday lives. There are so many options on our phones that we often fail to use them to their full potential. We’re going to take a look at the things you might not know your phone can do. After all, the more you use your phone for, the easier you life can be!



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In a world where we’re increasingly concerned about our health, any way to track it is welcome. There are so many phone apps that help you keep track of how your body’s doing. From apps that track your general health, to apps that can measure your heartbeat, the health app world is vast. You no longer need to worry your doctor with every health concern. Remember that you should still visit your doctor if you think there’s something seriously wrong. Even so, it can be reassuring to get that diagnosis while you wait for an appointment!


How many times have you wished you could turn your heating on before you got home? With wifi thermostats, you can! Connect your thermostat to your phone and put an end to your heating worries. Wifi thermostats aren’t just convenient either. They can also help you save on heating bills by turning themselves on and off depending on the heat in your home. Who wouldn’t want a smart heating system? Just think how nice it would be to turn your heat on from the warmth of your bed in the mornings. Check out any available thermostat reviews so you can choose the best one for you.


Talking of heat, you could download an app that allows you access to thermal imaging on your phone. If you’re losing money on your heating bills, download one of these bad boys and take note of where you’re losing heat in your home. This app will help you see any window seals that need replacing or any gaps you should be covering up. Making sure your home is as warm as possible will save you a lot of money on heating. Not to mention, it’ll help you keep warm in the future!


Car problems can cause major disruptions to your everyday routine. If you want to keep track of your car health, download an app that allows you to carry out checks when you feel the need. Some of these apps will even connect with your vehicle, so they can tell you if any problems arise. Not keeping track of the state of our cars can lead to significant problems down the line. Make the job of checking easier by letting technology do the work for you. These apps have the bonus of putting your mind at ease that all your checks are as thorough as possible!

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