Love Thy Neighbor?


Do you get on with your neighbor?


Studies show that way may not all feel neighborly love towards the people who live in the house next door. In fact, some studies suggest that around a quarter of us have had stern words with our next-door neighbors. There are various reasons why this may be the case, but most of the time, it all boils down to one of these common disputes.


Repairs And Maintenance


If one homeowner neglects their property and it becomes a mess, it can easily anger their neighbors as it will be an eyesore. This can also be dangerous if the homeowner isn’t seeing to important maintenance that is affecting other homes. For instance, some homeowners fail to call plumbing services about leaks, and the water can start permeating the terraced building’s walls into the neighbor’s home. Another example is when property owners don’t take care of their roof, and tiles end up falling onto a neighbor’s home. In these cases, you should speak to your neighbor and ask them to see to the repairs. If this doesn’t work, call your local council and report the property as dangerous. The homeowner could then be forced to act on the repairs or else be fined.




Another very common neighborly dispute is about noise. This is especially the case with neighbors who have teenagers and children who often play music loudly or turn the TV right up. It’s also often a problem in modern homes, as the property walls won’t be extremely thick. Most people speak to their neighbor if noise is a problem, and this often solves the issue. But what are you meant to do if your neighbor throws a very raucous party one night? If speaking to them doesn’t make things better, you are perfectly within your rights to call the police to break up the party.




Neighbors can easily fall out about property boundaries as well. This normally begins when one homeowner has a misconception about where the land around their home begins and ends. These kinds of arguments often start when a homeowner erects a fence around their house but puts it on someone else’s land. If this is a genuine mistake, then explaining to them should prevent the argument from developing. However, if a neighbor refuses to acknowledge the official boundaries, you might have to speak to a lawyer to help you end the dispute.




Unfortunately, arguments about pets often occur because the animal is badly behaved. This can be difficult to deal with as the neighbor isn’t directly causing the problem. However, the owner should always work to ensure that the animal is trained and not aggressive towards you. If you feel threatened by their pet, speak to them about your worries. A reasonable person should go to lengths to ensure their pet is much better trained and friendlier with other humans.
Disputes with your neighbor shouldn’t last forever; hopefully, these tips can help you solve yours for good.

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