Crashing Into The World Of Construction

What Is The Construction Industry?


The construction industry is mainly concerned with the construction of buildings and engineering projects. These projects include highways and utility systems. This sector covers quite a broad range of jobs. From carpenters carrying out repair work to plumbers and electricians doing new work and alterations, construction is a big industry. Being in the construction industry is all about maintaining, repairing, and fitting. It can be in a variety of different materials from stone and copper to metal and wood.


Why Work In The Construction Industry?


As of March 2017, the average hourly earnings for construction workers was $28.55 for 38.8 hours of work a week. This is higher than the average American worker earns, which is $24.57 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. So the wages are above average, and if you are a construction manager or an electrician you could be earning a lot more than this too.


The money isn’t the only benefit of working in construction. Not many other jobs allow their workers to see such immediate and tangible proof of all their hard work. Building hospitals and roads are hard work but at the end of it, you have something concrete to show for it. Which allows for job satisfaction. In other sectors you can feel like a cog in a wheel, never really sure of the impact you’re actually having.


Another benefit of working in this industry is that it supports the economy. The construction industry provides jobs and a huge injection of funds into communities. Working in this sector you will be helping to create an infrastructure which massively strengthens the country.


Construction is also great work for those who get bored easily. You’ll be working on different projects all the time and getting to know new teams. This is great for sharing knowledge and staying interested. Construction is also a skill which is valued all over the world, so you could potentially travel abroad and continue to work.


What Training Will You Need?


This largely depends on what area of construction you’re getting into. Here are three popular areas, and the training you’ll need to get into them:


Welding requirements usually include a high school diploma. You’ll also have to complete a welding test, this is usually set by an employer. This is important because your new employer has to see that you can wield welding materials like the ones found here, Some employers will also require you have obtained a degree from a technical school offering training too.


To become a carpenter or joiner you need to undergo training too. This training includes basic construction skills, wood operations, usually a diploma and some evidence of site carpentry. If you can master both joinery and carpentry you’ll be a useful asset.


A site manager earns the most money out of any construction job. So it follows that they have to undergo some training and have a lot of experience. A bachelor’s degree in construction management is essential as is some real world experience, and sometimes even a Master’s Degree is necessary.

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