Wild Whistler: Your Guide To Canada’s Coolest Ski Resort

Whistler, Vancouver is the largest ski resort in North America and home to some of the most jaw dropping scenery on the planet. This region of British Columbia, Canada played host to the 2010 Winter Olympics, and still continues to attract visitors from all over the globe thanks to the luscious list of extreme sports on offer. Here, you can try skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and tobogganing as well as the chance to experience everything in the chalet style village that nestles in the foothills of the Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains.


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Ski The Run That Suits You

Whistler has an extensive range of runs that suit every level of skier, from the nursery slopes, so-called because they are suitable for beginners or small children, all the way up to diamond black runs which are extremely high, contain dizzying hairpin bends and should only be attempted by very experienced or professional skiers. For beautiful snow, gentle runs and clear signposts head to the Peak Express Chair, from there you can experience some musical themed green and blue runs, including the Burnt Stew Trail and Ode To Joy. These trails are great spots for novices to practice their turns, get the hang of the sport and be around those of a similar level. If you’re no stranger to the slopes more challenging runs are, of course, on offer. In fact, over 55 percent of Whistler’s ski runs are suitable for intermediate skiers including the picturesque Arthur’s Choice and Outer Limits.


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Stay In Style At The Four Seasons

There’s a whole range of amazing hotels, lodges, B&B’s and more packed into this quaint yet lively ski town. Before you arrive don’t forget to arrange your Electronic Travel Authorisation, it only costs $7 CAD and you can see more info at https://official-canada-eta.com. All visa-exempt foreign nationals must show this documentation on entry into Canada. If it’s your first ski season in Whistler or you’re celebrating something extra special, why not stay at a luxury, 273 room lodge complete with en-suite rooms, balconies and stunning mountain views? The resort is meters from the slopes and has an on-site spa, three hot tubs, and a multitude of restaurants. Elsewhere, there are cafes, bars and pubs aplenty where you can grab a quick snack before checking out the day’s action or the perfect venue for an après-ski hot chocolate after a great day on the slopes.


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Ride The Peak To Peak Gondola

This incredible piece of machinery is also the longest and highest ski lift in the world and hangs suspended for 4.4 kilometres between the Whistler and Blackcomb mountain ranges. During the winter the gondola gives you double the fun when it comes to skiing, and in the summer you can enjoy of 50 kilometres of hiking, mountain biking and nature trails. The gondola also offers guests the chance to see the landscape from above, breathe in fresh alpine air and witness the gorgeous scenery in front of you. Look out for Hoary Marmots, these cute creatures are small ground squirrels that make their burrows near the tree line and emit a series of high-pitched whistles if they see any danger.

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You Can Overcome Failure In Various Aspects Of Your Life

Everyone fails from time to time, but some people are hit way harder than others. Failure can come in all shapes and sizes, but remember, the most important thing is how you deal with the failure and overcome it, that’s what truly matters. There’s nothing wrong with dusting yourself off, getting back up, and trying again. Here are some varying aspects in life you could fail at, and how best to try again.

Failure In Business

Happiness in business is quite had to ascertain, and when you realise that 90% of new startups fail, it becomes clear just how hard business success is, that in itself should give you some reassurances if you’ve failed. However, just because you failed does not mean you or your business ideas are constantly doomed. Instead, try to learn from it, avoid the same mistakes next time around. The lessons you can learn from failing, from whatever reasons, will make you a better person and help you become a better businessperson in future endeavours. You need to search and find a lesson, take something from the failure and apply it next time around. Set yourself, be adamant you’ll succeed and keep pushing, only this way can you overcome failure. Start again, just keep pouring your drive and influence into new business ideas and plans, it’s all about self motivation, if you can get a business up and running again you’ll know what to look out for to keep it afloat.



Failure In Education

If you didn’t get the degree you wanted or failed at getting one altogether try not to let it get to you, there are many people who failed university and still managed to make huge successes out of their lives, again it’s how you stand up despite failure. Failing college overall is of course way worse than simply failing a semester, but you need to pick yourself up and analyse your life. If what you wanted to do really centred around the obtaining of a degree then re-enroll. Admit you messed up and get straight back into it. Sometimes you can make a deal with your head of school and only resit part of the year, providing you’ve got some good grades the first time around, this can stop you having to resit the whole course again and could save you a year or two of your life. Learn from your mistakes and study more, even hire a tutor for extra help if you need to. If what you want from life does not require a degree, then perhaps it’s time to move on, and it’ll save you a tonne of debt. There are other types of training courses available for people who are smart but don’t have degrees, so get researching and stay positive, as we have seen, it can be done.

Failure In Sport

So you wanted to become a big star, but it hasn’t worked out. Either you’ve picked up one injury too many, or your talents simply aren’t up to scratch compared to the rest of the people in your area. Failure may not be the end for you. You need to pick yourself up, either get into the gym, book sessions in with a physio and get out on the field training every day to improve, or take a long hard think and ponder whether this is exactly what you wanted to do, because if you haven’t got the drive to get out and work, you likely don’t want it enough. Think about other passions and pastimes you may have, start diverting more of your time into them and before long you’ll have a new direction in life. Dealing with sporting failure is one of the hardest to overcome because often there is no way back, especially if you’re in your early twenties.



Failure In Marriage

If your marriage has failed then first you need to take a deep breath, and understand it wasn’t all your fault, it’s split 50/50. Of course some people realise the failure eventually leads to happiness, and it’s from this you should draw solace. If the marriage failed, for whatever reason, then it wasn’t right. It’ll feel awful at first, especially if you didn’t necessarily want it to end. But time is the best healer, and before long you’ll be back on your feet. The power of positivity rules here, you need to get outside with your family and friends, meet new people, try new things, and before long months would have passed and you’ll be happy it all ended. Granted, it’s a horrible thing to go through, but just remember if it’s going to make you happier it needs to be done.

Career Failure

One of the most common failures is that of a career failure. Perhaps you thought you would be higher in the company you work for, perhaps you thought you’d be head of department in a school instead of just a teacher? There are two things to consider, firstly, changing careers, and secondly, whether you’ve been pushing hard enough. If you have, then step back and if you’re not happy leave, your happiness comes first. If you haven’t, then ask for a meeting with your supervisor and tell him exactly what you want and when you want it by. Be assertive, if you’re good at your job they may give you a raise just to keep you at the business instead of lose you to a competitor. Sometimes you won’t get noticed unless you start shouting about it. Don’t see it as a failure if you’re passed over for promotion, just keep going, apply again using the previous rounds experience to guide you forward. Start applying for similar jobs in different businesses or fields, doing this can get you a better pay grade or more responsibility, all things you can put on your resume.  The key in the career game is not to get bogged down, because if you do life will fly past and before you know it it’ll be too late.

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Improve Customer Communication WIth These Clever, Simple Tactics



How you communicate with your customers will define how they see you as a company. It is critical that you get it right, as failure to communicate well can lead to confusion, damaged reputation, and loss of sales. In today’s guide, I’m going to take a brief look at some simple but smart tactics to ensure you are continually improving the way you communicate with clients and customers. Let’s take a closer look.

Open ears

First of all, make sure you are listening to what your customers are saying. Whether it’s anecdotal evidence from an angry customer on the phone or comment on your social media, your customers will be able to tell you what is going wrong with your business. Being a good listener is a vital part of excellent communication – so keep your ears open and start hearing.



Know your audience

When it is time to ‘speak’ to your audience, it is impossible to do without knowing who they are. You have no choice but to research your market and find out everything you can about them. Where do they live, how old are they, and what are their interests? Once you have all the data you need, you will be able to draw up a picture of the average person interested in your product or service.

Talk in their language

Once you know who your audience are, you should adapt your tone of voice so that they can understand it. The tone of voice is critical in getting your message across, and getting it wrong can be disastrous. Avoid using industry terms and jargon, unless that is how your audience speaks.

Give them what they need

Make it easy for your customers to find out more about who you are and what you do. There are numerous ways of approaching this task. For example, make sure you are contactable via text message, phone, VoIP, social media, email – the works. You could also use something like NFC tags in your marketing materials. As NFC Direct point out, it can help them find out more about your business, or send them direct to your website in an instant. Everyone prefers a different way of communicating or finding out information, so provide for them all as much as you can.



Be honest

While this point might sound obvious, there are far too many companies out there who overhype themselves when it comes to messaging. The simple truth is that this tactic can only backfire. And once you get the reputation of spreading untruths, it can be hard to shake. Avoid these problems arising by always taking the straight route. Never overestimate your product or service’s ability to achieve results, or it will come back and bite you at some point.

Focus on benefits

Finally, in all your product details, focus on the advantages it brings to your customer. Nobody wants to read endless product or service descriptions, but if you can highlight how it will help your client’s life, you will find you get more sales.

Any more tips to add? Let me know about them and join in on the conversation!

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Minimising The Chance Of Having A Road Accident


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For anyone who drives on a regular basis, knowing how to reduce your risk of having a car accident is vital. After all, you never know when you might be involved in such an incident. But you can take active steps towards ensuring that it doesn’t happen to you. In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the basic everyday things you can do to minimise your chance of being involved in a car accident. Knowing the following should help you to feel safer on the roads. Let’s take a look at what you can do.

Avoid Distractions

Of course, you can only control what distractions come into view in a limited sense. After all, you can’t do much about distractions on the road or from elsewhere. But what you can do is work towards keeping the interior of the vehicle as distraction-free as possible. This might mean turning off your phone, for example, as these are a really common cause of car accident. It is also advisable to turn your music down, particularly if it is aggressive music. It has been proven that this type of music causes people to drive badly, so it is worth bearing in mind. Keeping distractions to a minimum is a great way of ensuring that you are much less likely to have an accident. Distractions are the number one cause of car accidents. So you can see why this would be the case.


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Learn To Defensive Drive

If you have never taken a defensive driving course, you should seriously consider it. It is a great kind of car accident help, as it helps you to improve your driving and lessen the likelihood of having an accident. In general, defensive driving is exactly what it sounds like. You will learn how to drive in a way which massively reduces your risk of anything untoward happening. It is clear that this is something that anyone could benefit from. You could even ask for a course on this for Christmas; with any luck, it will prove to be a great gift.

Take It Slow

In general, the most important thing to remember on the roads is to take it slow. This is the only advice that you really ever need, as driving slowly is always going to hugely reduce your chance of being in a road accident. If you are often speeding, ask yourself why that might be. It could be that you just don’t think about it, in which case developing a more mindful approach to driving could be the solution. Alternatively, it might be that you feel a little rushed, like you have to get everywhere quickly for some reason. If that is the case, take a look at the things in your life which are making you feel that way. Getting to the root of the issue like this is the most effective way to change your driving habits for the better.

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