How You Can Stay Alert Throughout The Day

The days just fly by these days. You’ve likely got kids to drop to school, a job to get to, chores to get done, the list goes on. It can sometimes be hard to stay upbeat and alert. But the key to happiness can be found by using various techniques and supplements to keep you going strong. If you’re struggling day to day then perhaps these can help you.




Not just the one bottle, but if you can get yourself into a good system, whereby you’re drinking it constantly throughout the day then water can give you the energy you need to be successful. It also relieves fatigue, so if you’re running around all day it can help you feel more alert and less tired. There’s a huge amount of health benefits that come with drinking water too, so there’s no excuse not to. If you just keep a bottle at hand it will soon become second nature to keep taking sips throughout the day.




Coffee, of course containing caffeine, is one of the best ways to start your day. The amount of people who walk around with a Starbucks cup in the morning has become ridiculous, especially when there are some great and tasty coffee you can make at home. The best instant coffee can give you the energy you need to push through the morning. It also stimulates the brain in a way that can potentially make you more productive. Just be careful not to drink super large quantities of it throughout the day or to drink it too late or it can affect your sleep.



Caffeine Pills


Many people don’t actually like coffee, be it the taste or the feeling. Whilst some won’t have time to make coffee in the morning if they’re on a tight schedule. If this is the case it can be worth popping a quick caffeine pill in the morning before you leave the house. They can improve your concentration and reduce exertion. They are also great before embarking on a strenuous sports activity such as a long cycle or swim. Again, they are best swallowed in the morning or before strenuous activity.




Exercise can keep your energy flowing by increasing the productivity of your heart and increasing circulation around your body. The more you exercise the more energy you’ll have to spend throughout the day. It can be a great idea to go for a long walk at the end of the day or a run in the morning before work. It will be hard at first, but the more you do the quicker you’ll get into a killer routine. You likely know about the brilliant health benefits of exercising, so even if you just start off by going on weekly runs it can help you in your day to day life by allowing you to fatigue less and stay productive for longer.


You need to choose the method and balance that is right for you, a mixture of exercise and water is a great bet, or perhaps a caffeine pill in the morning and exercise at night. It all depends what kind of job you do and how tired you actually get.

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