1 Country, 3 Provinces, 5 Experiences



If you’re thinking of places that you might like to visit during your vacation time in 2017, here’s one to add to the lineup: Canada. Whether you’ve been or not, Canada is the perfect place to get a wide range of travel experiences ticked off of your list.

You may have a few locations in the US on your travel bucket list, but you can get to them next. First, you’ll want to visit the provinces Quebec, New Brunswick or Ontario in Canada for five very different reasons. From the food to the culture, sights and views, this country does not disappoint.

Feel The History

One of the best things about traveling can be seeing the actual country itself. When you visit somewhere new, you tend to take it all in. You want to learn all about it, understand the culture and see the history. When you go to Canada, Quebec City is an incredible place to visit for exactly that reason. Old Quebec is a historic town. You can get a great feel of the country’s history and culture all in one place. So if history is what you’re looking for, you’ll get dose after dose of it here.

Go Wild

Alongside the culture, Canada also has some pretty great wildlife and nature to keep an eye out for. If you’re heading to the country in 2017, why not put New Brunswick on your to see list. Say you’re staying at Amsterdam Inn & Suites, you can head to the coast and try to spot yourself a whale. Whale watching is popular in this province and it’s highly likely that you’ll catch a good look. So if you do add this to your list, you might want to pop a camera on it too!

Be Astounded

With Canada on your list, this one ought to be too. No matter what your preference are when you travel, your taste or your personality, if you’re in Canada (or New York state), you have to head to Niagara Falls. If you’re staying in Ontario or close by and planning on traveling, make sure Niagara Falls is at the top of your to-see list. This natural beauty will completely amaze you and probably top your experiences for the trip.

Take It All In

If you’re in Quebec, there’s a definite must-see for anyone that loved culture, art, history, architecture or anything breathtaking. The Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal is an incredible sight. As its name suggests, it’s a basilica, but it an absolute beauty at that. If you’re planning on passing by Montreal or even staying there, the Notre Dame Basilica has to take up at least one of your days.

See The Culture

If culture is what you’re looking for, then you probably want to add a range of museums or galleries to your hit list. While in Canada, make sure you either stay in or visit Ontario. The Royal Ontario Museum is exactly what you’re looking for. Full of great lines ups for the exhibitions and galleries, you can even team up your visit with a feature that appeals to you.

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