Think You’re Too Broke To Go On Holiday? Think Again

Holidays are amazing opportunities to have new experiences, try new food and meet new people. But for many Brits, holidays just aren’t affordable. According to recent data, around 1.46 million families across the UK don’t take a summer vacation because of poor finances. That’s millions of people missing out when they could be enjoying themselves.

What’s more, a staggering 40 percent of people said that they couldn’t afford a holiday abroad according to the AA. But is it entirely true that people can’t afford to take holidays? Let’s find out and try this site.



Credit Card Holiday Benefits

Most holiday companies recommend that people use a credit card to pay for holiday expenses. The first reason for this is that paying by credit card protects you if things go wrong. Thanks to the Consumer Credit Act, you can get a refund on any purchases you make between £100 and £30,000.



The second reason for using a credit card is the fact that it can pay for the holiday itself.

Take the Amex British Airways Credit Card, This card allows you to earn one air mile for each pound that you spend.

There’s also a premium version of the card that nets you even more lucrative deals. Sure, you’ll have to pay a fee up front. But you’ll get 1.5 miles for each pound you spend. Plus, customers also get 3 miles for each pound they spend on BA flights. If you spend over £20,000 in a year, you’ll also be allowed to bring a friend with you. So start using your credit card and build up rewards.

Secured Housing Loans

Paying for a holiday of a lifetime can be expensive. And often, holidaymakers have to take out loans to make it happen. Many, however, run into problems if they have a poor credit score.

There is, however, a solution for people who own their own home. Homeowner secured loans help to reduce the risk faced by lenders. With a homeowner secured loan, lenders hand out money and use the house as collateral. In other words, you sell part of the equity in your home to the lender in return for a cash lump sum.

In almost all circumstances, it’s a win-win. The lender gets the security he or she needs. And the family gets the money that they need for a much-needed break.

Mix Business With Pleasure



If you’ve got a job that requires you to travel, why not try to mix business with pleasure? Maureen Mack runs a business consulting firm. When she travels, she always looks for ways to crank up the fun. On a recent trip to the Deep South, she decided that she was going to book a reservation at a fancy restaurant and enjoy her evening in style.

Join A Club

If new experiences are what you’re after, you don’t necessarily have to travel abroad. Many people make do by tapping into local social networks. Meetup, for instance, is a great online tool you can use to find people with similar interests. Seek out these people and try new things, like rock climbing or sushi. You’ll be amazed by the sort of people just around the block.

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