Your House and You: Creating the Best Space Possible

Happiness can come from many things. You can live a fulfilling life through your career or family. It could be from achieving your goals or material wealth. All of these are valid reasons to be happy, but what if you’re happy with your life but not with your house? Is that even possible?

Of course, it is. Our house is a critical factor in our own happiness. It’s where we stay most of the time, and being uncomfortable in your own space will lead to negative feelings that will be hard to shake off.

Your Space and You

We often hear that size doesn’t really matter when it comes to our house. If it has the things we need and the people we love, then it’s a home like no other. While that’s true to some extent, making sure that your space is well designed for you and your family is important to encourage and enforce happiness. You won’t be happy if you’re always worried about your space all the time, so here are a few tips to make the best out of your own house.

Don’t Clutter Your Entryway.

Here’s a simple but highly effective tip: don’t clutter the space you see immediately when you enter through the door. It will simply make you feel anxious and remind you that you need to clean up. Ideally, you want your entryway to be an open area so that the whole room feels bigger than it is. This will allow you to relax the moment you come into your house. But if you don’t have enough space, don’t worry because the next tip will cover you.

Use Mirrors to Give the Illusion of Space.

Mirrors provide a sense of depth, reflect light, and make the room wider to the eyes. Of course, it’s all just a clever trick of the light, but most of the time, it’s sufficient enough to remove the feelings of being cramped. This is particularly effective if your doorway leads to a blank wall. Place a mirror there and you’ll essentially be making the room come off as if it’s twice as big as it actually is.

Create Dedicated Areas.

With work-from-home becoming a popular format nowadays, having a dedicated area for office work can help a lot. It will segment the “atmosphere” in your home, allowing you to relax better in the living room. You won’t have to be constantly reminded of work, and you’ll generally feel more productive when you enter your dedicated work area.

Organize Your Items.

As mentioned before, clutter can make you feel more anxious and easily make a room feel cramped. Take advantage of storage space, particularly vertical ones. Using shelves to store your things has the added benefit of being able to display them so you won’t ever forget what you have.

Take Advantage of Better Lighting.

Nothing makes a house feel gloomy and depressing (and by extension, making you feel sad and gloomy as well) than a bad lighting system. Make sure that your house gets the adequate light it needs. Open windows during the day to let natural sunlight in them will immediately make you feel better and will also make the room look a hundred times prettier. Ideally, you also have an artificial lighting system that gives luminescence where you ended it- like the walls, walkways, and corners.

Use Better Paint or Wallpaper.

We’ve talked about how important lighting is. Equally as important is the color of your room itself. You might want to use brighter paint for areas you’re going to be spending your waking hours in. If you’re not too fond of plain colors, you can opt for wallpapers that exude cheerfulness. Don’t be afraid to try out different patterns or colors at this part- you need to find out what works for you.

Don’t Forget Your Yard.

Your yard plays an important role in your house, namely, providing a safe outdoor space for you to enjoy the sun. If you have a yard with plants and other shrubberies, get professional landscaping lawn care. You won’t regret it. You’ll have a well-maintained area, and it will always bring a smile to your face every minute you spend in your yard.

What’s important is that you feel comfortable in your own house. You feel happy and safe, and you’re allowed to get your well-deserved rest. Designing (or redesigning) your home to fit your needs is an important step in finding your own happiness, so don’t think twice about doing so.

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