Wanting to straighten your teeth? A guide to Incognito

If you are an adult and have always wanted to straighten your teeth, you may be looking at more discreet dental treatments to correct any imperfections you may have with them. Due to the advancements in dental technology, there are now other dental treatment options within cosmetic dentistry which aim to improve an individual’s smile, and one of these options is Incognito.

What is Incognito Weybridge?

Considered to be a modern and invisible teeth straightening option, Incognito Weybridge is used to correct dental issues including crooked, crowded and misaligned teeth. Similar to traditional metal braces, the Incognito Appliance System is made of brackets and wires which are custom made to fit the shape of your teeth. What makes this dental treatment invisible however, is that unlike the traditional metal braces, Incognito braces are placed behind your teeth, meaning that no one will know you are having dental treatment.

The advantages of Incognito

One of the main benefits of this type of dental treatment is that the braces are completely hidden, so if you are concerned about how you may look wearing braces, with Incognito braces you will not need to worry about this. As they are placed at the back of your teeth, you will also be happy to know that there is no risk of these appliances causing irritation to the inside of your mouth or cheeks.

As this dental treatment makes use of 3D imaging technology to design these dental appliances, Incognito braces are also made so they are very comfortable.

Incognito braces are also fixed, meaning that they are continuously straightening your teeth throughout the dental treatment, it is known this system is considered to be a quicker form of orthodontic treatment.

With Incognito braces typically being placed on the inside of your teeth, this also means that there is no risk of the braces leaving any lasting damage to the front of your teeth. With this dental treatment you are also able to maintain a good oral hygiene routine by brushing as normal and you can also consume your favourite food and drink.

Are there any other discreet ways to straighten my teeth?

Along with Incognito, there are also other orthodontic treatment options especially for those who require treatment for minor tooth corrections. For example Incognito Lite is a quick and cheaper orthodontic treatment which works similarly to the Incognito Appliance System however they are only placed behind an individual’s front teeth. Unlike Incognito braces, Incognito Lite is developed to provide results in as little as three months. As well as this treatment being for those who are looking for a quick way to correct any imperfections they may have, they are also a suitable treatment for those who have previously had orthodontic treatment and have found their teeth have started to slowly move back to their previous position.

Another teeth straightening option that is offered by dental practices is Invisalign. A popular treatment option for adults in particular, Invisalign uses 3D technology to create clear aligners which slowly move teeth into their desired position.

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