Want Dental Implants Fitted? 5 Advantages of this Restorative Technique

If you have had enough of wearing dentures that move or want to reduce the outbreaks of ulcers and sores that you have in your mouth from wearing a bridge, you will have probably looked into dental implants as a viable treatment for your own personal dental case. It is important to consider hygiene and comfort when looking into any kind of dental treatment, and your dentist can advise you on what may be best for your situation.

Affixed to your jaw, these implants enable your dental team to place false teeth on top of them. And not only do dental implants last a long time, but thanks to the implant itself, they also feel like real teeth. Great!

So, what are some of the other benefits of having dental implants fitted? A well-informed dentist St John’s Wood answers that question below.

Better diet

While seemingly obvious, if you have missing teeth, you are less likely to eat hard foods like raw vegetables and fruits. Unfortunately, these are all the foods that tend to be good for you!

With the security of dental implants, you will be able to eat harder and more nutritious foods, thus leading to a better overall diet.

Better overall health

Okay, so gaps in your teeth can act like magnets for plaque; the surrounding teeth now have a larger part of the crown exposed which, if not brushed correctly, can lead to cavities and plaque accumulation. And, as you may have read before, certain studies have linked excess plaque in the mouth to disorders in the heart and brain and even to increased cancer risk. So, by having dental implants fitted, you reduce these risks drastically, while also protecting your oral health.

Better dental health

Obviously, a big advantage of having oral implants fitted are the benefits that they provide to your oral health. Decreased plaque means a decreased risk of cavities, cardiovascular disease, gum recession and jaw recession. Also, having dental implants fitted prompts the jawbone which has shrunk down, due to the missing tooth or teeth, to regrow. This helps all your natural teeth to stay aligned. Great stuff!

Better speech patterns

Teeth play a large part in how people speak and, should you have missing teeth, it is all too easy for your tongue to move oddly, heightening or creating speech issues. Since an oral implant would not move, you can restore your speech patterns to normal, cutting out any lisps and correcting your pronunciation and inflexion.

Better digestion

Finally, having a set of fully functioning teeth (even if some of them are implants) helps you to break down food and digest it better. Missing teeth often mean that larger chunks of food reach the stomach, causing more frequent issues with acid reflux, indigestion, and heartburn. With implants, the process is a lot smoother, and you may notice that you are now able to throw out those antacids!

Therefore, choosing to have dental implants fitted means choosing to improve your confidence in the long run. So, talk to your dental team today about having dental implants fitted.

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