How To Get Back On Balance After COVID19

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This last year has been a draining experience for just about everyone. If you’ve found it a continual struggle, you’re definitely not alone. Lockdowns have created a perfect storm of physical, mental, and financial challenges. The good news is that it’s now time to start getting back on balance after COVID19. Here are some tips to help.

Start with sorting out your body

The old saying is “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. Getting your body back on track can help get your mental health moving in the right direction too. Realistically, your fitness is probably going to have taken some kind of hit during COVID19. Gyms were closed and outdoor exercise was either banned or limited. Home exercise had to be fitted around all the other demands on your space.

Recognize reality and deal with it. Take an assessment of your fitness now or get someone to help you with it. Then figure out the best way to go forward to where you want to be. It doesn’t matter where you were before. Focus on where you want to go now.

Remember that getting back into fitness may well involve ditching some of your pandemic habits. For example, if you’ve developed a taste for comfort (junk) food, then you need to start eating properly.  

“You are what you eat” may be a cliche but it’s grounded in truth. The higher-quality fuel you put into your body, the better it will perform. In fact, if you really want to get the best performance out of your body, then you may want to look at natural supplements such as deer antler velvet.

Make sure you take care of your mind

Transitions can be difficult even when they’re welcome. For example, you may have struggled with loneliness and boredom during the lockdown. Now, however, you may find yourself struggling with the prospect of meeting other people in real life again. You may very much want to but not feel confident about interacting with people again. Alternatively, you may still not feel safe (or both).

You can only start to deal with the mental-health consequences of lockdown if you recognize them and acknowledge them. Sometimes this can be enough to get you on the right track again. If it isn’t then there are all kinds of resources to help. What’s more, a lot of them can (still) be accessed online.

Remember health and fitness can be affordable

It’s all very well saying that “self-care isn’t selfish” and that “it’s fine to invest in your health and fitness”. In the real world, however, if money is tight, then it can seem difficult to justify spending any money on this. Fortunately, there is a happy medium most people can manage. That’s to invest your money where you can get the best return.
For example, if something goes in your body, it’s definitely worth getting the best you can afford. If, however, you buy raw ingredients and cook at home, you can get most of your nourishment very affordably. Then you can invest your savings in helpful extras like supplements, classes, or new fitness gear.

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