How To Get Back On Balance After COVID19

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This last year has been a draining experience for just about everyone. If you’ve found it a continual struggle, you’re definitely not alone. Lockdowns have created a perfect storm of physical, mental, and financial challenges. The good news is that it’s now time to start getting back on balance after COVID19. Here are some tips to help.

Start with sorting out your body

The old saying is “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. Getting your body back on track can help get your mental health moving in the right direction too. Realistically, your fitness is probably going to have taken some kind of hit during COVID19. Gyms were closed and outdoor exercise was either banned or limited. Home exercise had to be fitted around all the other demands on your space.

Recognize reality and deal with it. Take an assessment of your fitness now or get someone to help you with it. Then figure out the best way to go forward to where you want to be. It doesn’t matter where you were before. Focus on where you want to go now.

Remember that getting back into fitness may well involve ditching some of your pandemic habits. For example, if you’ve developed a taste for comfort (junk) food, then you need to start eating properly.  

“You are what you eat” may be a cliche but it’s grounded in truth. The higher-quality fuel you put into your body, the better it will perform. In fact, if you really want to get the best performance out of your body, then you may want to look at natural supplements such as deer antler velvet.

Make sure you take care of your mind

Transitions can be difficult even when they’re welcome. For example, you may have struggled with loneliness and boredom during the lockdown. Now, however, you may find yourself struggling with the prospect of meeting other people in real life again. You may very much want to but not feel confident about interacting with people again. Alternatively, you may still not feel safe (or both).

You can only start to deal with the mental-health consequences of lockdown if you recognize them and acknowledge them. Sometimes this can be enough to get you on the right track again. If it isn’t then there are all kinds of resources to help. What’s more, a lot of them can (still) be accessed online.

Remember health and fitness can be affordable

It’s all very well saying that “self-care isn’t selfish” and that “it’s fine to invest in your health and fitness”. In the real world, however, if money is tight, then it can seem difficult to justify spending any money on this. Fortunately, there is a happy medium most people can manage. That’s to invest your money where you can get the best return.
For example, if something goes in your body, it’s definitely worth getting the best you can afford. If, however, you buy raw ingredients and cook at home, you can get most of your nourishment very affordably. Then you can invest your savings in helpful extras like supplements, classes, or new fitness gear.

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The Health Benefits of Smiling

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A smile can brighten up anyone’s day, so it maybe isn’t too surprising that smiling can also be great for your health in a variety of interesting ways. Let’s take a look at a few of them now.

Boost your mood

Smiling releases chemicals known as endorphins into the bloodstream. Endorphins are often referred to as happy hormones because they can improve your mood and help you to reach a more positive mindset, so even if you aren’t really feeling it, cracking a smile could just make your day start to feel better.

Lowers pain levels

Another thing that smiling is very good at doing is lowering pain levels. This, again, is down to endorphins, which as well as boosting mood, can also help your body to fight pain without any medical intervention. Laughing is particularly good for this, but even smiling is a great natural painkiller, so don’t be afraid to open up and show those pearly whites.

Boost immune system

If you’re one of those people who hate to smile because you don’t like your teeth, you may want to take a trip to The Smile Spa who can have your teeth looking amazon in no time. Why? Because smiling is able to boost your body’s immune system, and right now with the pandemic and everything, it has never been more important to have a healthy functioning immune system. Smile more and you will feel better for sure.

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Lower your blood pressure

If you have high blood pressure, you may be interested to know that a piece published by  The College of Family Physicians states that laughing, in particular. Can immediately increase oxygen consumption and get your heart rate level up. Once you’re done, your heart rate will get slow down and your blood pressure will be lower. It’s amazing what something so simple as laughing and smiling can do, isn’t it?

Bust stress

Smiling, unsurprisingly, is able to activate your body’s natural stress-relieving response, which is why smiling when you’re having a tough time can really work out for your mental health. Obviously, it’s not the whole answer, but it does help.

Improve relationships

As if all of the above benefits of smiling were not enough, there is also evidence to suggest that people who smile are considered to be more likely by just about everyone, which means people are more likely to gravitate towards you, and since socializing is so vital to good mental health, this is not the frivolous benefit that it might first appear to be.

As you can see, smiling really is amazing. It has so many health benefits that we should all be doing it more. Some people naturally have resting faces that frown, and other hate to show their teeth due to their condition, but you really shouldn’t let these things hold you back because you can get good dental treatment or train yourself to smile more, and by doing so, not only will you be more healthy, but you’ll be more approachable too.

Keep smiling!

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5 Ways to Encourage Good Oral Health in Your Kids

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Teaching your children how to take good care of their teeth and gums is so important. The faster they learn to brush and floss correctly, the less likely it will be that they end up with cavities, gingivitis, or other serious oral health problems.

Of course, it can be tougher than you might think to encourage your kids to practice good oral health, which is why I’ve put together a few tips to help you help them.

1. Lead by example

It’s a pretty basic strategy, but letting your kids watch you brush and logos your teeth, and even taking them to the dentist with you, is a great way to encourage them to follow suit. Kids adore their parents and if they see them doing something, they are more likely to want to do it too. This applies as much to oral hygiene as anything else.

2. Teach them the right way

Teaching your children the right way to brush, floss, and generally look after their teeth is so important because even if they make the effort to do it twice daily if they aren’t using the right technique, they probably won’t be as effective as they could ben and they may still end up with tooth and gum problems.

3. Find a kid-friendly dentist

A lot of children have a strong fear of the dentist. It can be hard to get them over this, but as well as letting them watch your appointments so they can dee there is nothing to fear, one of the best ways to help them over a phobia is to find a great dentist like Montgomery Pediatric Dentistry, who specializes in making kids feel safe and happy. And who go the extra mile to make them feel comfortable and have fun. If you can do that, chances are their fears will start to fall away and trips to the dentist will be less traumatic.

4. Encourage a healthy diet

Diets that are high in sugar are really bad for your teeth whether you’re 2 or 32, which is why, if you want to encourage good oral health in your kids (and yourself) you need to focus on diet. Keep sweet treats to a minimum and eat lots of healthy fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and water instead. Looking for an after-dinner snake? A small piece of cheese will help to balance you and your child’s mouth’s PH level for happier, healthier teeth.

5. Reward them

If you have a child who refuses to brush their teeth or floss, then one thing that is sure to help them come around is offering them a reward. Set up a toothbrushing chart and place a sticker on it for every day that they brush and floss twice daily. At the end of the week, if they haven’t missed a single star, give them a reward, whether that be a comic, time playing on the Xbox, or whatever it is you know they like sufficiently enough to motivate them.

Oral health matters so don’t let your kids let it slide.

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