When Working from Home Becomes Permanent: Creating a Proper Setup

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Many of us have found ourselves working at home through no choice of our own this year. Although a lot of people dream of working from home, it hasn’t happened in the most ideal conditions. A lot of people have found themselves trying to juggle work and childcare (or pets demanding attention) and have had to create a makeshift home office. But now that it looks like many could be working from home for longer than expected, and some could be even making it a permanent move, it could be time to put some more solid resources in place.

Create a Proper Workspace

Not everyone has a spare room that they can use as a home office. Maybe you’ve been making do with your dining room table or a small desk shoved wherever you have the space. But if you’re going to be working from home indefinitely, it makes sense to have somewhere more suitable to work. There are a few things you could do to make this possible. You could look at portable buildings if you have land but no indoor space. A portable building also gets you out of the house, which helps to separate home and work. You could section off part of a larger room or repurpose a room that’s currently (under)used for something else.

Image from Pixabay – CC0 License

Improve Your Internet Connection

Another thing that you might have been struggling with at home is your internet connection. You choose your internet package based on what you use at home, but that’s obviously increased now that you’re also working from home. If your broadband has been sluggish and struggling with Zoom calls and other work, you might need to upgrade your service. It could be time to switch to fiber broadband or just to look for a package that offers you more bandwidth. There are also other options that have come up recently, such as new service providers such as starlink internet. These new providers offer an array of new features and may be able to serve areas that are currently underserved with internet service.

Re-evaluate What Equipment You Need

Perhaps up until now, you’ve been working from your laptop. However, it could be that a desktop computer might be more suitable for what you’re doing. You might need more power or multiple screens, for example. There could be other equipment that you’ve been getting by without too, but it would be better if you had access to all of the tools that help you do your work. It might be time to make sure you have a good printer or even ensure you have a more comfortable desk chair.

Image from Pixabay – CC0 License

Set Clear Boundaries

Hopefully, you’ve managed to develop some clear boundaries while you’ve been working from home. This should include your expectations for yourself and anyone else who might be in the house. If you haven’t done this yet, it’s time to do it now. For example, make sure everyone else knows not to disturb you when you’re working (unless it’s an emergency). Give yourself some clear rules for when you can take a break, when to start and stop working, and maintaining the right working conditions.

If working from home is going to become a permanent arrangement, make sure you have a permanent space to work from that has all that you need.

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