How to Make Money with Your Car

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 With the current economic crash, most people are looking for ways to make extra cash. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far for viable income-generating ideas since they’re all over.

 For example, some apps pay shoppers to purchase through affiliate websites. Health care organizations compensate donors willing to part with eggs, sperms, and plasma. However, you need to prepare for the risk that comes with some forms of medical donations.

 If you’re a car owner, you’re probably looking for opportunities to make money with your car. Monetizing your vehicle isn’t a far-fetched idea. Here are vehicular side hustles to put your vehicle into good use instead of letting stay idle, which compromises its quality

Sign up With a Ridesharing App

Becoming a ridesharing driver is a convenient and serious way to make money with your car. It entails driving people from one point to another and getting paid for it through an app. Although you share the proceeds with the app, you get a bigger part of the share.

 Ridesharing isn’t without challenges. It requires you to pass criminal background checks and a driving record. You also must meet the minimum vehicle quality and age standards. Remember, you also must be able to initially meet expenses like gas, insurance, repairs, and maintenance. Some app options to consider include Uber, Lyft, and Wings. 

Food Delivery

Food delivery is a lucrative business that you can do part-time. Partner with local restaurants as their delivery driver. Alternatively, in this era of technology, you can use apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats, Postmates, Bite Squad, or Grubhub.

 Being a food delivery driver is equivalent to being a rideshare driver, minus the passengers. The peaks hours vary from app to app, but most deliveries are during lunchtime and dinnertime. The latter option is best for you if you have a 9-5 job. Sign up with multiple apps for the highest number of orders. 

Renting Out Your Car

If you don’t use your car every day and can’t use it for the two business ideas above, rent it out. You can avail for short-term use by locals who don’t own cars. You can also avail it for hire by travelers who don’t want to use traditional rentals when visiting your locality. Think of it as “Airbnb for cars.”

 Alternatively, you can rent your car for corporate car services. These are on-demand transportation services without signing up with apps like Lyft or Uber. You can start your own service and work with corporate clients that need client pickup service or transportation to events.

 You can potentially earn several hundred dollars in side income per month. This can go towards subsidizing your insurance premiums or loan installments.

Final Thoughts

You can use your car to earn extra money, whether you use it full time or part-time. However, remember that it involves some risks and trade-offs you must be prepared to face.

 Nonetheless, if your car is in good condition and you’re in the allowed age bracket for these services, you’re good to go. If you don’t want direct involvement, you could give your car to car rental companies and wait for the money.

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How The Sandwich Shop Concept will get You Far in Life

These days people constantly strive to be all things to all people in order to get by. That can be in our personal, and professional lives. With so much occupying our minds, it’s easy to be caught up on feelings of insignificance or wanting more from our lives. 

It may be that lockdown has meant that you’re thinking about learning something new. However, why not think about becoming an expert in that one thing that makes you unique? 

Here’s why modelling your life like the humble sandwich shop will get you further in life. 

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Be a simple solution to a specific need 

When you go to a restaurant, unless you’ve studied the menu beforehand and you know exactly what you want to order, being handed a menu shouldn’t fill you with anxiety and indecision. A 10 page menu will do that, and even after the choice is made, you may not get the best quality. 

Going to a sandwich shop, however, will likely offer you something that will fulfil the need to a much higher quality. A good example of this is Medifit, who are skilled in what they do in design services, but set to serve the specific audience of healthcare practices. While any other design company could design a medical centre, you’re not going to get the same result as one who dedicates their services to suit one specific audience.

It’s the same with you. You wouldn’t want to spread yourself too thin to try to be more than you are for more people- you’d just end up exhausted. 

If you offer to help somebody with their shopping, and they accept but then ask you to build them a website, unless you’ve had the specific training- it’s not something you’re going to be able to do with ease. 

Bring Enough to the Table 

When running a sandwich shop, it’s important to offer enough variety to keep people interested, without bringing too much to the table. 

That means providing just enough of what you can offer without wasting the excess. This is how you take your life to the next level

Sandwich shops could risk advertising 30 different fillings on 8 types of bread and not sell enough of a specific filling which would either be past its best the following day or go to waste. 

You want to bring what people want as well as offering them something they could learn to enjoy by being experimental with new varieties. 

Be Good At What You do 

Sandwich shops are able to focus on one or two areas of expertise that make them the best at what they do. Take the example of an athlete. They decide that they want to spread themselves across more areas of the athletics industry. They want to train, coach, advertise sporting events, and run the ticket desk, too. While all these jobs are related to the athletics field, the more this athlete does that will take them away from their training and participation in events, the less time and energy they have to focus on the things that set them apart from the others.  

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