20+ Car Mods To Pimp Your Car With!

Everyone wants to have the best car around, and yet the modifications that you make to a car costs money. The more impressive the mod, the more expensive it can be. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge, right? If there is anything you want to spend your money on, it should be the car that you spend a lot of your time in. You deserve to feel happy and secure in the car that you drive, and we’ve put together a list of more than twenty car modifications to pimp out your car and make it look fantastic!

Photo Of Car Interior

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Interior Car Modification Choices

There are so many ways that you can change up the interior of your car, and we’ve got a list that will help you to enhance the interior of your vehicle. You don’t have to choose the ones that cost a lot of money, so choose from the list below and see what works for you to improve the overall look of your car interior.

  • Start with the floormats. It’s always easy to modify when you work from the bottom up! The floor mats may not feel like a luxury mod for your car, but it’s going to instantly give your car an interior makeover. The floor mats can be changed for a new color if you want to give the whole thing a new look!
  • Next, you can add vinyl to the interior of the car and add something sweet in its style. Upgrading the vinyl also upgrades the color, and you can get creative with swirly styles and patterns, too. Vinyls are a good modification as it’s so easy to remove, which means that you can upgrade it as much as you like! 
  • Some people prefer to be comfortable when they are handling the steering wheel of their car as it makes for much easier driving. A steering wheel cover is a clever and not too expensive upgrade that is very easy to do yourself. You can go for a classy leather upgrade, or you can go for something warm and fluffy. Either way, you can really show off your personality when you choose a new steering wheel cover!
  • Switching out your pedals from your car to racing pedals is a great way to add a little sportiness. Racing pedals are often slimmer and longer than regular pedals, and this can be a good place to start if you want to lean toward a sports look for your vehicle.
  • You might not use the interior lights much, but you can upgrade your lights to LED dome lighting instead of the current lighting fittings that you have. It’s a nice way to upgrade cheaply and it will look good, too.
  • Seat covers may not be something you considered replacing before now, but if you want to upgrade the look of the car, the seats are a good place to start. You can go for a leather look, but if you have children, try something that isn’t too expensive so that you aren’t going to spend too much on an upgrade.
  • Install a phone holder to the car. You may already have a built-in satnav system, but your phone doesn’t need to rattle around in the arm of the car door. A magnetic phone holder is an essential if you want to use your phone for music or navigation. 
Red headlight on black car

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Exterior Car Modification Choices

As well as the interior choices that we’ve listed above, you can check out a list of exterior car modifications, too. You can make your car look fun and unique and it doesn’t have to take much to do it. Exterior car modifications would be a good addition to the car if you want to make it look sleek on the road!

  • If you’re going for exterior mods, think about those classic racing stripes that you could have slicked onto the vehicle. This can stretch over the roof and the hood of the car, and it can make your car look completely unique to the rest of the cars on the road. You can pay someone else to install these for you, or you can do it and be as precise and careful as possible.
  • Shiny rims are a must if you want to pimp your ride. You can have gold plated rims or black ones if you want to be different with the rims of your car. Your wheels are going to shine in the sun and they’re a great way to improve the aesthetics of the vehicle!
  • Have you ever considered a roof wrap? A car wrap can add a nice accent to the car and even just wrapping the roof is a great way to improve the way that your car looks.
  • Did you know that adding wind deflectors to your car is a cheap mod that you can to improve the performance of the vehicle in general. Your car will be more aerodynamic and cut through the wind far better than ever before. When you shop around, you can get a more affordable and quality wind-deflector and it can securely fit onto the vehicle to look good.
  • Tire covers are a fun way to upgrade the wheels of your vehicle if rims aren’t your thing. A tyre cover is fun and simple and you can add some fun designs to add a little personality to the car. You can even buy personalised tyre covers for the spare vehicle on the back of the car.
  • Number plates that are personalized are always a fun addition to the car. You can get some vanity plates without spending too much money and it shows your vehicle off. You can have a unique exterior modification this way!
  • Truck bed caps are one of the coolest car mods if you want to improve the look of your truck. The truck bed can be protected from scratches and scrapes this way, and it’s going to look good on your truck at the same time. There are some mods that are going to improve the protection of your vehicle, and this is the way to go!
Cars Parked Outside on Concrete Road

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Even More Mods!

As well as these interior and exterior modifications, you can do these simple tips, too. Take the time to add these mods and you will have a car that stands out on the road!

  • You can show off your car with a luxury car door light. Every time you open the door, the logo of your brand will be projected onto the ground as you get in and out. It’s not hard to install it yourself, but it’s going to show off your car and make it look great. It’s a good talking point, too!
  • Cleaning your headlights is a very simple modification that you can make for your car and it will keep the car looking great and standing out the way that it should. Cleaning your headlights properly is important, and you can ensure that you do this cheap car modification yourself, too! Polycarbonate headlight covers often scratch and become blurry, but with a good clean you can make sure that it looks great! 
  • Upgrading your windshield wipers is a fun way to change things up. You cadd a new color, if you’re bored with black wiper blades and it’s a ast and cheap way to modify without making it permanent. You can always change them again if they don’t happen to be to your taste.
  • Car decals may not have crossed your mind before, but they can be a fun addition to the exterior of the car and even the back windows. Stick figure decals can detail your family and you can even add some fantastic logos and fun stickers to make the car stand out. You can be so creative here and this will help you to upgrade your vehicle very cheaply.
  • Headlight covers are a nice way to add to your car, but you may not choose to use eyelashes – they’re a little bit old school! A headlight cover can make a big difference and oftentimes, colored headlight covers can offer a cool smoky look to the car that you cannot get elsewhere!
  • Check the law before you do this one, but did you know that you may be able to get rid of the front license plate of the car? All you need is a screwdriver for this modification, and you can take it off without help, too. It makes the front of the car look far more sleek. 
  • Lastly, window tints could be the coolest addition that you have for your car. If you’re lying in a hotter country, then window tints will help the UV light to be filtered out and you can reduce the heat inside the car, too. There are plenty of kits that enable you to do this yourself, but you should get the professionals to do it for you. You can get the information as to whether you can have dark tints or not from your local government rules.

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Essential Gadgets That Make Working from Home a Breeze

Two new vaccines have been seen as significantly effective against COVID-19. However, it’ll still take months to ensure that they’re completely safe and ready for distribution. And although some states have been easing their restrictions, you should still avoid large crowds and mass gatherings, especially in indoor spaces. This is because the virus can hang in the air longer indoors compared to outside, especially if the area has poor ventilation.

This means you’ll be stuck working from home for a few months more. You might as well make it as efficient and comfortable as possible. 

Apart from a quality desk and ergonomic chair, you also want to take advantage of technology for your business during the pandemic.

Here are the essential devices and accessories you should make the most of during your remote work period.

Stop the Freezes: A Reliable Computer

Unless your company provided you with machines for remote work, you’re probably using one for personal use. If your computer keeps freezing while running your usual work apps, it can ruin your productivity and even cause you to make errors. If this is the case for you, you may need a new computer. The specifications you need depend on what your work demands. If you only use productivity suites like Microsoft Word and an internet browser, you don’t really need a high-end computer. 

If you run software that’s heavy on resources, like video editors, 3D rendering apps, photo editing software, and more, you may need a computer that has a powerful central processing unit and graphics processing unit. Ask your IT department if they have any recommendations in terms of brands and models, as well as specifications. 

You can get a computer personalized according to your needs or pre-assembled ones in your local computer store. You can buy parts and devices from e-commerce sites, like NewEgg and Amazon, as well. The computer you need might end up being expensive, but it’s worth the money when you don’t experience pesky freezes or shutdowns in the middle of a mission-critical task.

Filter Out the Noise: Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Whether you’re living with family or housemates, you’ve probably been distracted by their noisy activities, like watching TV, vacuum cleaning and video gaming. You don’t want to ruin their fun or stop them from doing what they need to do. One way to achieve peace despite the distractions is to use noise-canceling headphones. These devices use microphones that pick up low-frequency noise and neutralize them before they reach your ear. 

You can get premium headphones like the Sony WH-1000XM4. These offer excellent sound quality, touch controls, wireless connectivity, and comfortable muffs for around $300 to $350. If you want something more affordable, the Anker Soundcore Life Q20 comes in at around $60. Though it doesn’t have the same sound quality as the former, it filters out noise just as well and has wireless connectivity, too. 

Meet in Style: High-Quality Webcam 

Even if you can’t go to the office, you still need to attend meetings through video conferencing applications like Zoom and Google Chat. If you want to look your best, especially in front of clients, you need a high-definition webcam. If you want something that’s as good as your smartphone camera, the Logitech Brio Ultra HD is for you. It can take video in resolutions as high as 4K and offers amazing detail. With a price of more than $200, however, it may not fit everyone’s budget. You can always get its smaller brother, the C310 for a fraction of the price. It offers 720p HD video, but don’t expect the details to be as crisp. 

Keep the Connection Flowing: High Quality Modem

The only plus side of your internet provider’s default modem is that it’s free. The problem with these cheap modems and routers is that they’re not as durable and offer basic security features. One of the culprits of slow and inconsistent internet speed is often the modem malfunctioning or straight-up breaking down. Remedy this by getting a better router from your local computer store. 

Models like the Asus RT-AC66U B1 and the TP-Link Archer C7 offer faster and more consistent Wi-Fi connectivity compared to the one your internet provider offers by default. These benefits are especially important when you’re working on cloud applications and consistently doing voice and video calls. They also offer more user-friendly interfaces and advanced security features, so you can truly customize your router to your needs.

Remote work can come with a variety of challenges, like intermittent internet connectivity, household distractions and the dreaded computer freezes. With social distancing still being the norm, you don’t have much of a choice but to work from home. Use these suggestions to make your remote work life more bearable. 

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