Get a Lower Rate on Your Car Insurance


Car insurance is a cost all drivers have to fork out for because unfortunately, it is necessary to protect yourselves and your car. It can be difficult for new drivers and others in high-risk categories to get a good rate on your premium. Here are some simple tips to help you reduce your car insurance as much as possible. 

Shop around

There are plenty of price comparison sites which can help you compare different offers and find the best one for you. Take your time and do your research.

Don’t opt for auto-renewal

Car insurance companies don’t tend to reward loyalty for some reason so you’ll never get a better offer than your first one. They tend to make better deals to lure new customers but you could even end up paying more your second year so it’s a better idea just to change company. Give yourself some flexibility and freedom. 

Add an experienced driver

If you’re a new driver or in a high-risk category due to your age or inexperience, try adding a more responsible driver to your premium. This will help to reduce your rate as they will be considered a safer and more reliable option. Don’t commit “fronting” however and take out the insurance primarily in their name. This is fraud and will punishable by law. Once you have a blip on your car insurance it’ll be very difficult to get a good deal, if any again. 

Tweak your job title

This is a technique used to make you sound like you have more responsibility in your job, without actually lying of course. Some titles carry more weight, whether this is fair or not, and appear more impressive. Compare, “teacher” with “guitar teacher”, for example, or “construction worker” and “builder”. You can change the name without lying about what you do, as it’s very important to be honest about everything on your car insurance application. There are many interesting ways in how your job title can affect your car insurance, in fact, certain jobs are considered higher risk than others and won’t be offered a lower rate. 

Go used

Opting for a used car can reduce your car insurance premium. New cars face a dramatic depreciation as soon as they leave the dealership. They rapidly decrease in value in the first few years. Used cars will have already been through this depreciation process, so you won’t have to pay “gap” insurance which is on the calculated difference between the original price and the depreciated value. 

Avoid accidents
A sure-fire way to get a good deal on your car insurance is by becoming a safer driver. Don’t speed or slam on the brakes, keep that road rage under wraps and stay in control. If the unfortunate does happen to be sure to consult experts in auto body repair such Alan Byer Collision. Have regular checks on your car and keep up your maintenance. This will also save you money on costly repairs in the future.

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