Why You Should Get IV Vitamin C Therapy

Originally posted on iveeapp.com by Amber Theuer | Feb 4, 2020 

IV vitamin C therapy is the administration of a high dose of vitamin C administered intravenously. It is an antioxidant that aids in preventing oxidative stress, which essentially strengthens the immune system. Since humans cannot produce vitamin C, it is a nutrient that they must receive from food or supplements.  

High dose vitamin C can be taken orally or it delivered through IV infusion. In this process, vitamin C enters the bloodstream directly through the veins. IV vitamin C treatments allow for the nutrient to reach higher levels within the body, as absorption occurs much more quickly.  

Benefits of IV Vitamin C Therapy

Helping to neutralize and eliminate many toxins, vitamin C is a very powerful antiviral agent. Here are some of the many benefits that IV vitamin C therapy offers: 

  • Decreases pain after injury
  • Helps the body heal more quickly 
  • Increases energy levels and reduces fatigue 
  • Works to prevent infections like cold and flu 

With its many benefits, IV vitamin C therapy is effective in many situations – from fatigue to sickness to injury. 

With ivee, getting IV vitamin C therapy is simple. Just download the app and choose your treatment (The Refresh, The Illness Remedy, The Immunity Lift, The Productivity Boost, and The Detox all feature vitamin C!). Enter your location, and a nurse will be on their way. In no time, you’ll be feeling your best! 

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Four Tech Skills Everyone Should Learn

There’s no escaping it – we live in a digital, technological, computerized, online world. Going “off the grid” may appeal to some, but most of us are fully assimilated into a lifestyle that allows us to order food delivery from a tiny smartphone, hop online to have a meeting via Skype, or read a book on a handheld device. 

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However, when your life is digitized in every way, you become reliant on technology. Not enough people know how basic technology works or how to fix these “smart” items when something goes wrong. Many are able to utilize their technology without any true understanding of it, and that’s a shame. 

We’ve detailed four tech skills that everyone should learn, to better equip themselves in our digital world. 

How the Internet Works

Practically everyone on earth uses the internet, and yet you’d be surprised if you knew how many people have zero clue how it works. 

Having a basic knowledge of the internet, what it is, how it functions and how to do basic troubleshooting is a good rule of thumb for literally everybody. We all use the internet; we should all know the basics. If nothing else so you can reset your own IP address or figure out how to fix an issue with your modem. 

How to Fix your Computer

Now, of course, we’re not talking about major issues here, but it’s a good idea to have a basic working knowledge of how to fix your computer if something small goes wrong. Knowing how to troubleshoot basic software issues, how to clear out the memory a defrag, and even how to replace basic parts (and where to find IT parts, such as on Interbyte), are things you should know if you use a computer often. 

Basic HTML

These days, with sites like wordpress and even apps that do the work for you, nobody really feels the need to use HTML anymore for their blog or website. But you should take the time to learn it. HTML is a valuable language and it’ll serve you well if you know how to write basic tweaks and small bits of code. Those “build your website” platforms are cool, but they’re also slow, clunky and not very intuitive. If you learn HTML, you can whiz through website design in a snap and avoid those overused templates. 

How to Type

Another thing that seems like a no-brainer. But in the day of the smartphone, less and less people are actually learning how to type properly, and instead chicken-peck keys in the rare instances they use a computer. Proper typing has become a bit of a lost art. Failing to type properly, though, slows you down and can hurt your accuracy. 

The ability to type properly (and quickly, not to mention accurately) is an incredibly useful skill and one that will carry you very far in the world of tech. 

These are just four tech skills that the average person should definitely know. If you take the time to learn these, you’ll find the technology as a whole is so much easier for you. You might even open up whole new avenues for yourself in technology.

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How to Create an Effective Interior Design Layout for Your Office

One of the most crucial areas that are often neglected in an office is its layout. Although it’s just one part of the entire office, it usually says a lot about your company and its culture.

Your office layout can profoundly affect the way your business works. To provide both your clients and employees with a positive experience, it’s best to get the best workspace design that will suit your company culture.

How core values affect interior design

If you’re planning to get a few commercial fit-outs in Australia, you first need to understand the core values of your company entirely. Keep in mind that not every layout will work well with how every office works. For example, if your company revolves around employee collaboration, then having an open floor space plan may not work for you. That’s because it often ends up looking like a library instead of an office.

Instead of having an open floor plan, it’s best to have common gathering areas where employees can somehow relax. Having areas where employees can unwind helps encourage creativity, too. Also, the pieces of furniture that you have should reflect the style of working that you do in the office.

Another way to help strengthen your company culture is by displaying your core values throughout the entire area. It can be as simple as a piece of vinyl piece of lettering or artwork that’ll remind them of the company’s core values.

On the other hand, if you have the means to make drastic changes, you can also consider applying biophilic design elements into your space. It’s a way to utilize lush greenery into your layout, such as green walls. It’s becoming increasingly popular because of its cost-effectiveness. Another feature that it has is its ability to promote creativeness.

What to consider when creating a practical space design

Aside from your company’s vision and mission, it would be best if you also considered how your employees perform their job. Doing so will help you know how to carefully layout your space.

If most of your staff regularly go to the office to work, then they would most probably want to have space where they can relax. If that’s the case, it’s best to consider creating a patio that could function as an extension of their work area. At the same time, it should also be a place where they can breathe for a while. You can include seating arrangements where they can work as well and a few tables where they can unwind.

Most office layouts tend to be distracting to employees. It can affect their concentration and their ability to be creative. It would be best if you reduced it as much as you can by providing soundproof features inside. Check the materials as well as the pieces of furniture if it affects the acoustics inside your workspace.

These are only a few of the things that you need to consider when designing your workspace. You need to have an interior design that can help inspire your employees to work effectively and creatively as well.

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