A “Grassroots” Gym: Turning Your Garden Into An Exercise Space


While we are all more than knowledgeable in the fact that exercise is an essential component of our lives, either because of how it helps reduce depression or it’s a great way to get the blood pumping, we seldom have the chance to get round to it. So what is the answer? Do we get up a couple of hours earlier every day, and run the risk of feeling more tired at the end of it, or do we find a way to exercise at home? The latter option is infinitely more appealing, but people don’t always have the space. As such, the garden is the secret ingredient. So what can you do to turn your garden into a proper exercise space? 

Is There Room For A Pool?

Of all the designing, industrial pumps that need installing, and the sheer scale of the task, a pool is still one of the best ways to get an all-over exercise. If you don’t like the idea of running everywhere, you can turn part of your space into a pool, and get that all over workout that you need. If you can make the room for a pool, this is a fantastic addition to any home, not just because of the opportunity to exercise, but it gives you the opportunity to have pool parties galore! Never underestimate swimming- it is one of the best exercises ever.

Install A Circuit Space

Circuit training is would have the perfect ways to increase your strength but get that all-important cardio so your heart is pumping for longer. Circuit training doesn’t require much in the way of space if you don’t have it. And you might even think that it’s impractical to do this in a garden, but take inspiration from the numerous outdoor gyms. All you would need is a pull-up bar, bench to do dips, and if you wanted, a couple of dumbbells that won’t rust, and you are able to fashion any sort of exercise routine. A lot of people think that you need a barbell and all of the weights known to man to have a proper workout. In actual fact, a lot of the time, all you need is your bodyweight.

All You Need Is A Surface!

It all depends on the type of workout you want and if you can’t afford anything, all you need is your bodyweight and a surface. You can take inspiration from the numerous prison workouts there and start to perfect your burpee form, and this exercise alone is incremental in building up strength. A lot of us believe that we need the most sophisticated of equipment, when, at the very outset of our strength training, all we need is a little bit of space, and we can do so much. Our body is designed to be exercised, and if you can’t bear the thought of sitting on the couch anymore, and you have got a garden space, just get yourself out there, and do some calisthenics. You only have to look at Insanity training and other bodyweight exercise regimes to see what you can do with just your body and a flat bit of surface.

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