Boosting Your Client List When Lead Generation Isn’t Enough

Your cold email trail has run cold, you’re attending every conference and event on this hemisphere, and you’re having great conversations on social media. However, your standard lead generation strategies simply aren’t enough to give you the kind of growth you want to see. Rather than giving up the ghost, here are some ways to build your client list that you might want to consider adding instead.

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Funnel organically

Your entire lead generation and conversion process shouldn’t be interruptive, for one. You shouldn’t always be chasing; you should be waiting for those who might come to you naturally. The best way to do this is to create a brand that attracts the kind of clients you want. Write authoritative, valuable content, make sure your website is professionally appealing, and take whatever opportunities you can to build your brand. From speaking events to guest posts, don’t be afraid to shine the spotlight on yourself.

Leverage your existing clients

It’s time to get over the fear of asking your clients for more than their money alone. They could have several partners or peers in their network that could need your services, they just often fail to think of asking them. Building a referral system and even adding some incentive, such as discounts for existing clients, can be a tremendously strong source of leads. It works even better if you don’t have to ask, but build referrals naturally by leaving the offer open, but by spending more time on building customer satisfaction through support, feedback solicitation, and the like.

Go public

As with organic marketing, there are ways to work with those who are specifically looking for your services. One of the most valuable ways you may have missed is by looking for online tenders. Tenders through public sector bodies are the surest sign of a qualified client, and you don’t have to do the work of nurturing them like other leads. Not every business in every industry can make use of public sector tenders, but it’s worth seeing if it might be an applicable source of future clients. Systemise the application process and it can take a lot less work than grinding through leads naturally.

Chase past failures

What about those leads that showed interest, took a few steps down the funnel, perhaps even had a face-to-face with you but didn’t convert? Some of them may have went for a competing service, but many of them may have shied away simply because they weren’t convinced that they needed your solutions just yet. It may be time to look through the contact book for leads that never converted to pick up on past conversations. Many of them may be in a better position to convert now and you shouldn’t give them time to consider your competitors.

Depending on the type of business you run, finding referrals and looking for public sector tenders may end up becoming your primary source of leads in the future. Don’t just stick to what works for everyone else, find the approach

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