How To Ensure Your Employees Are Safe At Work

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If you run a business where you hire other people then one of the most important thing to realise  is that you’re responsible for their health and safety whilst they are under your supervision at work.

However this can be quite overwhelming for employers to figure out what kind of rules and regulations they should be following in terms of keeping their employees safe, so in this post we’re going to share with you some of our top tips for how to ensure your employees are safe at work.

Keep things comfortable:

Most people don’t automatically think that comfort and safety go together, but it’s important to understand that for example if your employees have to work outdoors, for example on a building site and they’re working during winter or when conditions are particularly harsh, or even if they’re working in the middle of summer then the temperatures and the environment in which they are working depending on what they have to wear can make them less or more comfortable, so for example if it’s very cold outside then you may want to consider renting a generator so that you can perhaps keep things a bit warmer for them as this will enable them to not focus so much on being cold, but be able to focus entirely on their work which will in turn impact their safety.

Analyze the working environment:

Every working environment is going to be different, so for example you may have an office where employees work for you and their safety is just as important as someone who works on a building site, although the things that you need to have in place to ensure their safety are going to be different, so for example, you could be responsible for ensuring that all computer screens are at the optimum height, at the right brightness, and that all desks and chairs are suitable for people so that they don’t suffer any kinds of headaches or repetitive strain injury.

Have regulations in place:

All employers are required to have health and safety regulations in place that they have to follow so it’s important that you have these and that you make sure that everyone is on board, understands them and is following them, so you should have them for example, printed out in common areas and also they should be part of the on boarding process when you hire new people.

Perform regular reviews:

Keeping up-to-date with your health and safety regulations is key as is making sure that your employees also feel safe and protected when at work, so performing things like regular reviews, checking things over, checking equipment and making sure that everything is functioning as it should be and also asking people how they feel working there.

We hope that this post has been helpful in helping you to identify some of the things that you can do to make your workplace a bit safer for the people who work for you, and also to help you understand what kind of things that you might need to have in place and what things that you don’t have to really think about as well as tips for ensuring that health and safety can be an ongoing thing but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

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