Gifts Every Biker Wants

When you have a biking enthusiast in your life, you know that everything they do generally revolves around their bike and more specifically riding their bike. Days out, motorcycle movies and the daily commute to work, it’s all about the bike.

While this makes it fairly easy when it comes to present buying, you don’t always want to buy them containers of chain lube but instead something altogether more exciting. In this blog, we take a look at what your biker is looking for and how to surprise them with the perfect gift.

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Not just available for the car, having a soundtrack to your daily journey is essential, whether you’re on four wheels or two. For the biker the sound is coming from inside the helmet so the best thing you can buy is a set of bluetooth headphones that provide hours of entertainment.

Opt for a pair that have minimal trailing wires to avoid getting tangled up, some that just fit in the ear are perfect. Remember that the helmet can be snug so they will have to be as small as possible.

Your enthusiast will be able to sync their earphones up with their mobile phone for access to their ready downloaded playlist turning a good commute, into a great commute.

Safety gear

You’re all about keeping your loved one safe so take a look online and treat them to the very latest in protective clothing, gloves, boots and a helmet. The choice may seem overwhelming so figure out if your biker is an all-in-one or separates kind of rider and go from there. Find gloves that are warm and heated protecting the fingers from going numb and becoming unresponsive in the winter months.

With modern materials and fibres you should be able to find the perfect jacket and trousers that, while keeping the rider warm, are also waterproof and help to wick away sweat from the body keeping them cool and fresh.

Think too about their mid and base layers with a warm fleece and thermal underwear. It may not be glamorous but any biker would be grateful for warmth in the middle of an October commute to work.

Helmet camera

Not only great for capturing those epic biking journeys a camera can help keep a biker safe on the road by recording the behaviour of other drivers and acting as a deterrent against thoughtless or reckless driving. Pick up something robust and durable that is also waterproof and sits securely on top of the helmet.

Your biker is going to be spoilt for choice with all these fantastic ideas for gifts that making biking even more fun. From tech that provides entertainment and an additional layer of safety to clothing that looks stylish and helps keep those delicate areas protected in the case of a collision or slip. With all these great gifts to choose from you might even be tempted to give it a go yourself. Why not hop on today and see what all the fuss is about?

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