How to Monitor Your Own Health Between Checkups

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It is quite normal to go for regular health check-ups and blood tests, but how can you make sure you are keeping well in between them? You may well see your physician twice a year to see if all is well, but what can you do and what signs should you look for until your next visit? Here are some tips to help you stay healthy between checkups…

Have A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy diet will help you to stay well between visits to your physician. The three major things you should try to fit into your diet every day are fruit, vegetables, and fiber. You should also make sure you are active for at least part of the day, and find time for some relaxation too. These things all form part of a healthy lifestyle and will help to keep you fit until your next checkup.

Sleeping Well

If your sleep patterns have not changed and you sleep well each night, that will go a long way toward your general well-being. However, if you notice that you are having disturbed nights or trouble sleeping, that could be a sign that something is not right. After 8 hours every night, you should feel alert and energetic. If you feel sluggish during the day, this could be another sign that something is wrong.

Keep on eye on your sleep and if it changes, speak to your physician before the checkup time arrives.

Watch The Color Of Your Urine

Your urine should ideally be the color of pale straw. If it is dark, it could simply be a sign you are not getting enough fluids, but it could also be something more serious. If you get it tested at a place like LifeBrite Laboratories, you can find out for sure and potentially put your mind at rest There are also companies, including that one, which will carry out blood tests to search for illnesses and vitamin deficiencies amongst other things, so you can really get a grip on your health and make any changes necessary.

Are You Losing Hair?

Hair loss can be attributed to several health conditions, including thyroid disease and low levels of iron in your blood. If your hairbrush seems to have more of your hair than your head, make an appointment with your physician to get checked out now.

Check Your Extremities If You Are Diabetic

People with diabetes can suffer from problems with their extremities, especially the feet. If you are diabetic, check your feet every day for broken skin, blisters, cuts, bruises, and fungus. If they are clear, it is usually a sign that you are managing your blood sugar levels well. If you have any of these symptoms you should visit your doctor now rather than wait for your checkup.

Check Your Heartbeat After Exercise

Immediately after finishing exercise count how many times your heart beats in 15 seconds. Then multiply that by 4 to give you the rate for 1 minute.   Sit back and relax for two minutes and then do the same thing again. The difference between the two numbers should be more than 55 and if it is not, you need to see your physician soon.

Women with a poor heart rate are more likely to have a heart attack than men, but whatever gender you are you should not ignore a poor heart rate.

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Bring Out Your Inner Big Kid

Everyone deserves to bring out their inner big kid. You have to admit, there is one bubbling away inside of you that you just can’t fight sometimes. The weird little dances or voices that you do, the silly things you think in your head, and the desperation to have the imagination of your children as you sit and watch them babble away to themselves. But sometimes, you really do realise that life is just getting too serious. You’re always thinking about things that you need to do, purchases that you probably shouldn’t have made, and bills that you’re going to have to pay. It’s a stressful time to be an adult, and at any point if you were to try and let out your inner child, you might feel a ton of guilt that you’re not living up to your responsibilities, or that you might regret it later. This is something that we have drilled into our own minds, due to the expectations of society. But you really do only have one life, and you only have one chance to go and live it before it runs out. If you’re going to live your life, you really do need to think of ways that you can bring out your inner kid, and we’re going to talk about a few of them today!

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Toys & Gadgets

This is one of the most underrated ways that you can let out your inner big kid. There are so many different toys and gadgets out there, and despite what some people might say, they’re not just for children. Adults can have endless amounts of fun with the gadgets that are out there today, and they really can help to bring some light into your life when you constantly feel as though you’re doing the same thing. So, gadget number one on our list for those of you who are looking for some fun, is a hoverboard with bluetooth and lights. Hoverboards were a big craze not so long ago, especially with the younger generation. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to have some fun with one. Even if it’s just taking one around the street, or using it to get around the house, it’s still all good fun. Because you’re doing something different, and using such a cool gadget to whizz around even the smallest of places like your home, you do feel like your inner big kid has been let loose!

Another gadget on our list of cool things to have, is a VR headset. Now, this one is really easy to get sucked into, because you’re entering yourself into a virtual reality, and you never know, you might like it more than the reality you’re in at the minute. VR has been around in its most basic form for a while now, but with poor graphics, design, and all round use, people weren’t too bothered about it. But now all of the tech giants are getting involved, everyone seems to be excited about it. There’s just so many things you can do with them, from playing a game, to watching a movie, to feeling like you’re lying on a beach sunbathing. It all depends on what you like to do, and what experience you want to get from it. But one you put the VR on and get plunged into that virtual reality that you might not have experienced before, we just know that you’re never going to want to come out of it!

Doing Something Totally Crazy

If you want to bring out your inner kid, doing something crazy is definitely the way to do it. Doing something that makes everyone say to you ‘ I can’t believe you did that’, because being crazy just isn’t the norm for most people. But when you do something totally crazy and out of the ordinary, you’re going to feel amazing for it. You’ll feel as though you’re taking yourself out of the circle of life that you’re used to, and it just feels so exhilarating to do it. It could be something you’ve always wanted to do, and it actually could be pretty mundane in the grand scheme of things. But for you to do something that’s out of the ordinary for you, it makes it crazy! One thing you could do that’s definitely not the norm, and is definitely a bit crazy, is going to do something like skydiving. It’s rare that people actually go and do something like this, although you do hear of a lot of people doing it for charity. Whether you do or don’t is up to you, as you really would only be doing this to bring out your inner kid. But if the thought of jumping out of a plane thousands of feet off the ground is too much for you, then you could do something a lot safer, such as indoor skydiving. It’s fun, you’re contained to only falling a few feet if you ever had to, but you still get that crazy feeling of skydiving. Whatever you chose to do, just make sure it’s something away from the norm for you, but it helps you feel alive!

Holidaying With Friends

This is one of the best things that you can do if you want to bring out your inner kid, because when you go on holiday with your friends, something in your mind just changes. All of the sudden you really do feel like you’re a big kid with no responsibilities. The only responsibilities you have are eating too much, drinking too much, and soaking up too much sun. No matter what age you are when you go on holiday with your friends, you’ll always turn into giggling people who care about nothing more than having fun. To truly bring out your inner big kid on a holiday with friends, you’re going to have to think about doing things such as quad biking, or renting a scooter, or going to the water park. Whatever age you are, all of the above are fun as long as you’re prepared to let your hair down and go with the flow.

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