Make Your Car Reflect Who You Are

Flickr Image Source: Photo of a colourful checkered car showing off its personality

If you have your own car, then you’ll know the love that forms. It sounds silly considering it’s a metal object, but it does so much for you and gives you the freedom to do and go whatever and wherever you like, and that is such a gift. It allows you to be independent without having to worry about relying on anyone or anything, and this is when your life truly begins.

So when you have something so great, why not personalise it and make it a truly unique little beast that reflects exactly who you are? There are so many ways you can do this, from being subtle in your choices, to going totally out there.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking.


You can change the interior design of your car any time you want, and the material in which you have inside is a great place to start. What do you want to feel under your skin when you sit inside your car. Would you prefer a leather, or a suede for the more eccentric of sorts? If you really aren’t too sure, then buy some simple covers instead, that way you don’t have to commit to anything.


Headlights are such a necessity on a car once the sun starts to set, they are what allows you to see through the darkness. But you don’t have to just go with the bog standard ones that already come on your vehicle, you can mix it up if you wish. Have a look on sites like TDot Performance that supply you with so many different parts and pieces to change up the look of your car that you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Tinted windows

Let’s face it, tinted windows always add that coolness to a car, literally and metaphorically in fact. It gives your ride an edge, but also gives you the shade you need in the summer. It stops that major glare coming through the window screen so your eyes can relax, but not only that, your car won’t tend to overheat either as the hot rays can’t get through. Just be sure to check what the rules and regulations are in your area to determine how dark of a tint you are allowed to go.


The overall colour of your car says an awful lot about you, but did you know it’s not just the choice of colour, but also the finish you have on your car too. Metallic, pearlescent, chrome, matte, and more – you have an endless list of choice when paired with the colour too. So although you may start out buying a basic red car, doesn’t mean you can’t transform it into a golden chrome!

Now you have a whole bunch of ideas, you can turn your car into whatever you want it to be. Give it the personality and life that it deserves because you are riding around in it all day after all, you need to complement one another, right?

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