Make a Living by Writing About What You Know

When you think of writers you probably imagine an author typing away at their latest and greatest novel about a teenage wizard, or maybe you think of a journalist releasing a breaking story. But what you might not know is that the vast majority of writers are creating articles on topics which they are incredibly knowledgeable about, and most people will never read them. These could be manuals for products, content for a travel website or sales copy for an infomercial or a celebrity who needs to talk about the latest movie that they starred in.

What do You Know?

Writing is as important as it’s always been, and we are consuming a huge amount of content every single day, all of which is written by somebody. While it wasn’t possible two decades ago, now you can make a good living writing about any topic that you can imagine, regardless of how niche it is. As long as there are tens of thousands of people who care about that topic, there is an opportunity for you to monetize your knowledge.

The first step is to figure out what you know better than anybody else. For many of us, this will be a hobby or a pastime that we have dedicated many years of our lives to, like paintball or fishing. Writing about a hobby is fantastic because it doesn’t feel like a job and there are also thousands of opportunities because hobbies tend to have a huge following.

Offering Your Services

If you like the comfort and safety that a nine to five job can offer, taking a job writing for an online publication or company can be a great way for you to monetize your wisdom. If you are struggling to find a job with one of these companies, you might consider emailing them and asking them to consider you as a freelance writer. Alternatively, you can sign up to a writing agency like WordAgents or a platform such as Upwork where you can get paid to write.

Creating a Website

However, if you want to earn a better living and have full control over what you create, it might be the perfect time for you to create your website. Magazines are a dying breed that are likely to be gone within our lifetime, but the online magazine or content website is here to stay. By writing down everything that you know down, this can help others, entertain them and make money through selling products or including advertising on your site.

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Reasons why You need to Start Upgrading your Business Software

If you operate your own business then you will know more than anyone how important it is for you to rely on technology and even software. After all, if you aren’t using software then you are probably doing everything by hand and this can cost you tons of time and it also leaves a lot of room for error as well. If you are not upgrading or updating your software on a regular basis then there is a high chance that this is affecting your business as well, in more ways than you realise.

Multiple Software

If you find that you are using multiple software applications to try and handle your business activity then this is a clear sign that you need to upgrade. Some companies find themselves using one software for their billing, another for their shipping and then a third to manage their inventory. This is the last thing that you need, because believe it or not, you are still managing most of your business by hand.  Click here to find out more about an order management system that will cover it all, making your life a lot easier. After all, you have to key in and update the data across all three applications and you don’t want this when you have so much going on in the day. When you upgrade your software however, you can easily use a single application to track everything with automatic updates.

Analysing Data

Spreadsheets are ideal because they give you the chance to track data in a huge variety of ways. If you are keeping track of your sales reports, your inventory and even any other bits of information by using spreadsheets however then there is a chance that you are making your data analysis much harder than it needs to be. After all, new software is brought out every single year and if you don’t take the time to really invest in this then you will constantly be stuck in the past.


When you run a business, you have to make sure that the resources you have are both scalable and flexible. If your software is not able to keep up with the needs of your business then it is absolutely not the right solution for you. After all, you may find that you have to continually change platforms and this is not good for you or your team. When you are able to upgrade your software to other versions however, you can then unlock more potential as you see fit. Your software can grow with your company and this is exactly what you need to ensure future success. If you are struggling to find a software that can keep up with the ever-changing needs of your business then check these guys out to see if you can get a custom software created.


The more outdated your software is, the more mistakes you will make. This is the last thing that you need when you are trying to remain professional to your customers. Sure, you may feel a though the solution that you have now is working and you may feel as though it’s easier to stick with it than it is to change but this is never the case and sooner or later it will be the downfall of your company.

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A Box Of Treasures: What The TV Can Do For Us As A Family

Boy is watching TV

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Surely, it’s unfair nowadays to proclaim the television as the idiot box? While the television has been the backbone of family life for the last 60-plus years, so many people view it as the epitome of idiocy. But, for a lot of families, if it wasn’t for the television, they wouldn’t bond at all. In fact, think about your own experiences growing up. The television was there, and it was, usually on in the background. Now, not to say that television is amazing for us in every sense, but now, with the internet, and the various ways we consume information now, the television could be the one and only way that we can spend time together as a family. So, we need to make the most of this box in the corner of a living room. But if you have concerns that it is making you and your family stupid, what can you do to ensure that the TV helps you cement quality family time, but without destroying brain cells?

Altering Your Own Viewing Habits

It’s a delicate balance to get right when we are TV addicts ourselves. We know that there is a lot of bad quality television out there, and if we are guilty of watching hour after hour of reality TV, we don’t want to pass these habits on to our children. So, when we think about what our kids start to watch at a young age in terms of their own habits, the best indicator of what your children will watch is actually what you watch. As a parent, if you don’t watch anything educational, and you are setting this example of television habits, your children will grow up accepting that this is the norm. So, it’s an age-old expression, but practice what you preach. When our children are young, they are so impressionable, that they will watch what we watch, and these habits will become embedded in their life. So if you are guilty of watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, talk shows, and similar content, maybe it’s best to keep this firmly under wraps. When you are watching television as a family, go for good quality content. While there are numerous family shows out there, are many of them educational? If your children are young enough, sitting down with them and watching shows they like, but you know has an undercurrent of education, is a great way to get your kids hooked onto good stuff. has a list of educational TV shows to get you started. But as our children grow up emulating us in one way or another, if you want to make sure that your children are using the TV for good, then you have to alter your viewing habits drastically. This means having the History Channel on in the background or going for family quiz shows to encourage a bit of friendly competition in the living room.

Using Television As An Example Of What Is Good And Bad In Society

One of the biggest positives of watching TV is the fact that it can increase your emotional intelligence. While most people consider television to be something that rots your brain, if you watch TV in an active sense, rather than a passive one, you will develop this emotional intelligence, where you begin to develop your own self-awareness, as well as awareness of other people. Emotional intelligence is one of the biggest indicators of demonstrating empathy and observation. It’s unfair to say that television is very selfish activity because when you watch good quality shows, you can become actively involved in something that you wouldn’t normally do in real life, because television shows these heightened scenarios that we seldom come across. While there are numerous shows out there that are realistic, by exercising our ability to think laterally, and from other perspectives, we can begin to differentiate between right and wrong. This is important for children at a young age. We are all impressionable when we’re young, and we grow up, for the most part, understanding what is right and what is wrong, but it’s not as simple as this. Of course, there are numerous shows out there that blur the lines and highlight moral dilemmas, and this can help to instigate interesting debates in the family household. Cable TV is one of the biggest purveyors of high-quality drama, that shows complex characters, where they are doing something wrong in a literal sense, but they are wrestling internally with themselves. Classic shows like The Sopranos or Breaking Bad were mainstays of cable TV but dealt with moral implications in an intelligent manner. Cable TV is full of drama of this ilk, and you can go on to learn more about the various cable TV channels and premium packages if you are interested in going down this avenue. But also, it’s important not to underestimate the news as a way to instigate debate with your children. Be sensible, because the news can throw up topics that you don’t want to discuss with your children because they’re too young, but, the point is, as far as instigating debate and looking at things from other perspectives is concerned, television is a very good tool!

Connecting With Your Children

Because we watch TV on many different devices now, that actual quality time with people are sat as a family in front of the TV seems to be non-existent. This is why we can use television to connect with our children, not just in terms of being sat in the same room at the same time, but we can use television as a way to communicate with each other. Your children like a certain show, so it gives you the opportunity to sit down with them to watch it and to talk about it. When your children are toddlers, there are going to be many kids TV shows that they love, and by sitting down with them, and watching these shows, no matter how much they numb your brain, the children are going to be grateful to you. When we are raising our kids, it’s so easy for us to not be present in the moment, because we either sat on our phones while the kids are watching TV, or we just got too many things to do, but if you take that opportunity to sit down on the floor, cross-legged, with your child, watching their favorite show, you will feel much closer to your child. And as they get older, you can use their favorite TV shows as a way to make quality family time together. You can sit down, at the same time every week. But now, because of the fact that we can watch what we want when we want, that means you don’t have to sacrifice other aspects of your life. If you can make a date to sit down at least once a week, to watch their favorite TV show, and to have a discussion about it afterward, this is a very simple way for you to bond. But you have to show willing; it’s not good enough to just be sat there next to them. As parents, we can easily pay lip service to the idea of quality time, just by being sat next to them. But if we get out our phones, there is no sense of engagement, and while you can argue that sitting together in silence watching the TV is just as bad, at least you are both sharing a common activity.

Can The TV Say Something That You Can’t?

We can struggle to verbalize how we feel now and again especially when it comes to matters of the heart. This is where television can do a lot for us. Have you ever sat with a parent or loved one, and saw a tender moment on the TV and it really hit close to home? You might have felt a moment between the two of you at that point, but you didn’t say a word. TV can help us to say what we’re really thinking, not just in terms of emotions, but in terms of what you might want for your children as they get older. For example, if you want your children to have confidence and belief in their abilities, the words that come out of your mouth may seem forced or a bit noncommittal. But by using a TV show as an example to back up your statement of intent, that little box in the corner of the room can fill some of the gaps in your parenting skills.

A lot of people put their kids in front of the TV as a way to distract them and placate them. But, as a family unit, we can use the TV to advantage, whether it’s to educational shows, or by helping our kids to differentiate between good and bad, but also to spend quality time with them bonding over certain shows. It seems that now as we can go and watch movies on our devices, this idea of a solidified family unit is non-existent. This is why the TV should take pride of place in the corner of your living room because it can do so much for every member of your family. The idiot box? Hardly.



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Why The Kitchen Might Be The Most Important Room In The Home

Wherever you live and whatever kind of dwelling you have, there is one room that you can be sure you will always need: the kitchen. Without a kitchen, the home is much less, and for this reason you probably want to always make sure you are looking after yours. The truth is that, according to many, the kitchen is actually the most important room in the home. But why that might be is another matter altogether, and one which might need some investigation to really understand as fully as possible. In this post, we will take a look at some of the reasons you might consider the kitchen to be the most important room in the home – or at least one of the most important in most homes.

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As A Gathering Place

Many homes use the kitchen not just as a place to cook and eat, but somewhere to gather. This is equally true for families as it is for many other kinds of living arrangements: you can be sure that there is always a likelihood of people gathering in the kitchen. Even at parties and other social occasions, you will often be surprised at how many people hang out in the kitchen. Because of its central place socially, it is clearly always going to be a very important part of the home, and indeed homes which have a small kitchen often find that there is not quite the same sense of communal living. Having a good kitchen as a gathering place is one of those things that you can always be proud of, and is easily one of the best things about this particular room of the house.

As Sheer Value

If you are ever going to think about selling your home, then you will suddenly find that the kitchen becomes very important indeed, even if you had never thought of it as being such. The reason for this is that the kitchen is actually one of the most valuable parts of the home, and in many cases is the number one room that people ask about when they are thinking about buying a property. Even those looking for somewhere to rent will be more concerned with the kitchen than many other parts of the home. Clearly, it has great value potential, and anything you can do to increase its value will work towards making it an even more powerful and valuable part of the home. It might be that you are using a kitchen cabinets guide to renovate the room entirely, or just that you want to keep it well painted and decorated. As long as you are looking after it, you are essentially also looking after the home itself in terms of its sheer value. You never know when this might suddenly become very important indeed.

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Of course, the main purpose of the kitchen being where you cook is always going to be one of the main reasons that it is so important as a part of the home, and that is something which we can’t just overlook. It is ultimately the practicality of the kitchen which makes it what it is, and that is something that you can improve upon as well, just as you can with the value of the room. The better designed it is, the more practical it is, the more of an important aspect of the entre home it is likely to be seen as, so this is definitely worth bearing in mind as well. The practical aspects of the kitchen really make it what it is, and it’s something that you should think about if you want to make the most of it in the home.

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Tying Decor Together

The kitchen also serves another useful purpose which makes it especially important to the house as a whole. It tends to be a place where the different decor themes throughout the home come together, and this has a way of making the whole home feel much more unified in its design and decoration. If you take a look at your own kitchen, you will find that it is either plain coloured or vibrant, in a way which speaks to the rest of the home, and this is exactly what we are talking about here. This aspect it has of tying the house together means that it is especially important from a design perspective, which is itself something that you also need to think about in your own home.

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Crafting A Home Cinema Room


We all love sitting back, cracking open a soft drink (or a naughty bottle of beer or wine,) and watching an excellent movie. Who doesn’t enjoy this? If one of your friends gradually worked into the conversation they weren’t that fond of watching movies or had little stock for quality television shows, you’d probably look at them like they were an alien from another planet.

Luckily, this article is not about how to deal with your crippled disappointment with your friend dropping this bombshell on you. Instead, it’s about how to steward your love for cinema to its natural degree – crafting a home cinema room. We all home to have one of these in our house, no matter if it’s in our main living area or another, separate room, perhaps in the basement.

There are a few secrets for success where this is concerned, and they are as follows:

The Sofa

If you’re going to binge a Netflix television show, or you’re going to relax sprawled out to a great movie, you’re going to need nice sofas. Emphasis on more than one. If you hope to bring friends, family and your most cherished into this home cinema room, you’ll need to ensure everyone has adequate seating space. Highly comfortable cushioned sofas are the best, you may even decide to go for an L shape if you wish to cover the entirety of the back wall. You may also choose to use a leg rest, or perhaps purchase a bean bag for your children to lay on during those long movie nights. The sofa is perhaps the most underprioritized feature of a home cinema room. It could be upgrading this actually helps you feel the most comfortable you ever have, helping you feel refreshed and comfortable in this room every time you enter this recreational time.

The Home Media Server

Using a home media centre well could mean signing up to services such as Plex, ensuring the transmittal of cloud services, and considering which feature to use. There are streaming services that can help you purchase movies on demand and watch them, alternatively you may decide to simply watch movies via USB thanks to items purchased on your computer. A media server is often the best method of ensuring everything is there on demand, you can also add or craft movies and television shows as you find most appropriate, organizing them to your liking. Without this, your home cinema room simply remains a comfortable space.

The Setup

You may not need an excellent television, but investing in a high quality one can help you watch movies at their best. Depending on the size of your room, you may also opt for different sizes. It might be worth choosing a smaller television for 4K functionality, helping you offset the price. Ensure good color reproduction and excellent black representation. External 2.1 speakers can also do plenty to help a movie experience shine, 5.1 if you’re feeling indulgent.

With all this, your home is sure to steward this beautiful little getaway in which you can watch the best movies and television offered.

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What Does A Home REALLY Need?


Decorating our homes can be a quite difficult job in itself. Trying to establish the best design choices and developing a good sense of style may not come naturally if you haven’t the talent already in mind, or a cohesive vision as to how to achieve this. Home decor can often influence our emotions in positive ways if conducted correctly, but it can take plenty of time for us to do this adequately. Thankfully, there is absolutely no shame in finding advice online to help you get back to basics.

Luckily for you, this article intends to help you out with this exactly. With the following methods, you are much more likely to come back down to earth, and understand what your home REALLY needs.


A home may not NEED taste, but it can certainly make a massive, huge, absolute difference as to how comfortable you’re living there. So, we might say that this is not a survival need, but an emotional need. Working on this second parameter is anything but silly. It matters how comfortable we are in our own space, and without this we can often find ourselves feeling a little less relaxed than we should. Taste matters. Applying quality over quantity can help us when making style decisions. For example, durable pieces of furniture often have more utility, look better, can theme better with your aesthetic and can last you for years. This goes from sofas to tables to window fittings. A little taste for the finer items of investment can help your room seem gorgeous from the moment someone steps in it.


A home needs utility. Considering the purpose of each room can help you find it without much in the way of difficulty. Find out the main purpose of a room, how you intend to use it, and go from there. Are you someone who wishes for the kitchen to be a social hub of your household? Well then, might it be worth knocking through the wall that leads to the dining room, and enjoy an open-plan design that fosters conversations? How will you orient your bedroom for the most comfort, and the most beautiful observation of the sunrise when you wake up every morning? Do you wish to install a wet room in your bathroom for absolute freedom when showering, or do you prefer an understated and vintage aesthetic?

Considering the utility of a room will help you make design choices, those you are proud of in the long run. This can go from how secure your garden is, to how much storage you can fit in your attic. Consider purpose first, and then decorate around those guidelines.


A house is not a home without love. Bringing the best of yourself, keeping grateful for all you have there, and maintaining the space with appreciation can help you enjoy your home space for years and years.

With these tips, your home is sure to have what it really needs.

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