What Does A Home REALLY Need?


Decorating our homes can be a quite difficult job in itself. Trying to establish the best design choices and developing a good sense of style may not come naturally if you haven’t the talent already in mind, or a cohesive vision as to how to achieve this. Home decor can often influence our emotions in positive ways if conducted correctly, but it can take plenty of time for us to do this adequately. Thankfully, there is absolutely no shame in finding advice online to help you get back to basics.

Luckily for you, this article intends to help you out with this exactly. With the following methods, you are much more likely to come back down to earth, and understand what your home REALLY needs.


A home may not NEED taste, but it can certainly make a massive, huge, absolute difference as to how comfortable you’re living there. So, we might say that this is not a survival need, but an emotional need. Working on this second parameter is anything but silly. It matters how comfortable we are in our own space, and without this we can often find ourselves feeling a little less relaxed than we should. Taste matters. Applying quality over quantity can help us when making style decisions. For example, durable pieces of furniture often have more utility, look better, can theme better with your aesthetic and can last you for years. This goes from sofas to tables to window fittings. A little taste for the finer items of investment can help your room seem gorgeous from the moment someone steps in it.


A home needs utility. Considering the purpose of each room can help you find it without much in the way of difficulty. Find out the main purpose of a room, how you intend to use it, and go from there. Are you someone who wishes for the kitchen to be a social hub of your household? Well then, might it be worth knocking through the wall that leads to the dining room, and enjoy an open-plan design that fosters conversations? How will you orient your bedroom for the most comfort, and the most beautiful observation of the sunrise when you wake up every morning? Do you wish to install a wet room in your bathroom for absolute freedom when showering, or do you prefer an understated and vintage aesthetic?

Considering the utility of a room will help you make design choices, those you are proud of in the long run. This can go from how secure your garden is, to how much storage you can fit in your attic. Consider purpose first, and then decorate around those guidelines.


A house is not a home without love. Bringing the best of yourself, keeping grateful for all you have there, and maintaining the space with appreciation can help you enjoy your home space for years and years.

With these tips, your home is sure to have what it really needs.

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