Seven Ways to Get Your Family Bond Better

Families come in every size and form. You might be living with older family members and looking after them after their health has let them down. You might have your children and grandchildren in your family. It is also possible that you joined forces with your new partner and are now living in a mixed family. No matter if you are trying to get generations or step-siblings to get on well, you will have to make sure that you are investing in bonding exercises that will promote respect and harmony in the family. Below you will find seven tips to get started.

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  1. Family Trips

Whenever you are taking the kids for a day out, you need to invite other family members, too. The more the merrier, and older people enjoy a walk in the park just like little ones. You will have to pick the location to suit everyone in the family, and find something to do for every person to do. You can get different generations to bond together and have fun, while creating memories for a lifetime. You should not simply accept your elderly parents’ excuses to stay at home; get them to help with teaching the kids how to prepare the picnic basket, at least.

  1. Nights In with a Movie

New and newly bonded families can set up a home movie schedule and have a night in with a pizza or takeaway. Whether you would like to get people to vote for a number of movies to watch on Netflix or Blue Ray or are open for suggestions and debates, it will be a great night. Not to mention that you will also save a lot of money by not paying too much for your popcorn and your drinks. Put the money aside so you can plan a trip to the park or a getaway as a family.

  1. Cooking Together

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If you would like your kids to be self-sufficient when they go to college and avoid living on pot noodles and burgers for years, it might be time to introduce them to the kitchen and the different appliances. It is never too early to teach your kids to cook simple foods; toasted sandwiches, pasta, or even pizza for the night out. Have one night allocated for cooking together, and you will see how confident your kids become in the kitchen.

  1. Gaming

Of course, playing brings every generation together. If you have just joined another family and are now trying to get the kids to bond together, you will have to create a gaming competition at home. Find out which video games are their favorites, and ask someone to be the judge. Once you have the night arranged, you will see that the conversations between teenager are becoming less awkward.

  1. Family Shows

If you would like to celebrate being a family, you might even arrange going to the theatre together to watch a family show. Whether it is Christmas or someone’s birthday, you can find a nearby restaurant where you can have a family meal before going to the theatre. This will also teach your kids the rules of getting dressed up for special occasions. Look for romantic or family friendly shows, such as the Waitress and have something to look forward to together.

  1. Sport Events

It might also be a good plan to get people to enjoy a live sport game together. The laid back atmosphere of the event will create a stronger bond. No matter if you are basketball or football fans, or are supporting different teams or sports, you will all have a lot of fun at the match.

  1. DIY Projects

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Once you have a new family structure in place, a lot of things need to be taken care of before you would be able to feel comfortable. If you are into DIY, you can teach the little ones a trick or two. Alternatively, if you are moving an elderly family member in your home, you can ask them to teach your kids some great skills, such as crocheting or knitting, maybe embroidery. Even if you don’t have time to pass on the skills, you can give your older family members a sense of belonging and purpose.

When families change and join together, it is important that you change the routines and help everyone settle in their own roles. Use the above bonding exercises to help your family become a well-functioning unit and learn to respect each other.

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