Don’t Let Your Desk Job Damage Your Health

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A desk job might not seem like a particularly dangerous occupation, but there can in fact be serious long-term health hazards caused by sitting in front of a computer all day. A lack of physical inactivity combined with various repetitive activities can take its toll on the body. Here are five ways to stop your desk job damaging your health.

Protect your posture

If you’re craned over your desk every day, it could be having a long-term effect on your posture, potentially giving you a hunch when you’re older. Try to lower your chair (or raise your desk/monitor) so that your computer screen is directly in front of you so that you’re not staring down at it. Make sure to also sit back in your chair so that you’re not hunched forward – this will keep shoulders back and protect your posture.

Take a break from the screen

Staring at a screen all day could be damaging your eyesight. Make sure that you’re giving your eyes a rest by taking frequent breaks. Eye strain is most likely to occur when you’re tired, so try to get a good quality of sleep if you spend long hours in front of a computer. Meanwhile, if you notice your vision starting to deteriorate, consider getting an eye exam. Wearing glasses could help to prevent your vision getting worse by reducing the strain.

Clean your keyboard

Most people never clean their keyboards, but they could be teeming in bacteria as a result. In fact, studies have shown that many office keyboards are thousands of times dirtier than the average toilet seat. Keyboards are thought to be a major source of illnesses getting spread around the office – take the time to clean your keyboard, including getting any grime out from under the keys. Try not to eat your desk as this could cause crumbs to get into your keyboard.

Invest in an ergonomic mouse

Constantly holding a mouse could be also causing carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a repetitive strain injury that can affect your grip in the long run. Consider investing in an ergonomic mouse that could prevent this damage. You should also ensure that you have enough elbow room when using a mouse.

Be active

Being sat down all day is arguably the most damaging part of working a desk job. Your stomach muscles may start to wear resulting in weight gain whilst the knees joints can get damaged by constantly being contracted. Try to take regular breaks from your desk by getting up and walking around the office. You can encourage yourself to walk around by not having everything in arm’s reach. Also make sure that you’re getting your exercise in out of work hours.

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