When Lane Switching Becomes More Than A Hazard

When the car first came on the scene, it looked like some kind of contraption out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. All the levers, pedals and other gizmos needed to be worked just to get it to go forward a few mph. But as cars got faster, roads and streets were simply obsolete for mass and far distance travel. Just as revolutionary as the machines that would use its network, the highway system came into being. Highways allow us all to move across the country at our own leisure. We can cover huge distances in just a day and all because of the multiple lanes and wide highways. The only thing that impedes us from making large leaps in a single bound, are other drivers. We’ve all been in that one traffic jam that makes us wish we took the train but that’s not the only thing that inhibits us. Horrible drivers that don’t know what they’re doing, why they’re doing it or even where they’re going are extremely dangerous on highways. Einstein’s law of mass and momentum have rule over the highways so when all cars are going fast, a slight hazard can quickly become a devastating crash.

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Impatience causes dives

In 2015 alone, Americans drove 3 trillion miles. At least half of that is done on highways as the long stretches devour the distances up. It takes a lot of cars to achieve that kind of staggering mileage. The highways are getting more and more packed full of cars and that’s because the middle class has increased in size. More people have cars but the more drivers on the highways will mean a decline in the quality of drivers. Experienced drivers know the swings and roundabouts regarding highway culture. There’s a certain way to do thing but less experienced drivers may feel intimidated by the speed or simply not know the culture of the highway. Most people know not to cut off a car that’s behind. A vehicle that has been in one specific lane for a long time since you saw them is most likely set in their way and they don’t plan on making any irrational moves. Impatience to get to where you’re going causes, idiotic drivers, to dive into spaces that put others in danger. If you can spot a driver looking from side to side in his or her mirrors constantly or make strange steering adjustment, it’s far better to let them on their way. Give them a gap that’s safe and let them on ahead rather than having them drive behind or beside you.

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Brake checking

Lane switching is the number one cause of road rage on America’s highways. It’s also the top cause of moronic drivers break checking the car they believe is doing them a disservice. Perhaps they think you’re going too slow or cutting into their lane when they were trying to speed on through traffic. These kinds of people are literally putting your and their own life in danger when they brake check you. Getting in front of your car and slamming on the brakes then quickly releasing them, suddenly brings that car closer at a very fast closing distance. The natural reaction is to slam on your brakes and avoid the collision. However when you do all the weight and momentum of your car transfers onto your front wheels and this causes oversteer. The backend of your car spins you around and you can end up rolling your car. Suddenly lane switchers become more than a hazard when you’re severely injured. Thankfully a team like seriouslawyers.com can prove your case for you. Since you were the car behind technically it looks as if you are in the wrong and the car in front with not a scratch on it, is free of all blame. Tough in negotiation and seasoned in litigation, this legal team solely focuses on personal injury cases. They have a wealth of experience behind them which is why they fight to win not to settle. Lane switchers cause more harm to others without causing damage to themselves because they don’t care about their own safety or damage to their own car while drivers trying to avoid them do. They force you to take drastic action and make maneuvers that cause you to get hurt.

Don’t you just hate it when you have to share the highway with an obviously emotionally unstable driver? It’s almost as if a wild animal has been let loose from the zoo. They can cause you to crash and become seriously injured while they ride off into the sunset like they are innocent. Avoid them if you can, and prosecute them if you can’t.

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