3 Things All Drivers Should Ask Of Their Passengers

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In TV shows and movies, drivers and passengers have a tendency to chat to one another throughout the journey. You could be forgiven for forgetting that the driver is in charge of half a ton of metal; everyone is talking, making jokes, even throwing things around the car interior as the journey progresses.

Reality is very different. The behavior as mentioned above would likely result in a crash if anyone tried to do it in real life. It’s great to enjoy traveling in a car with your friends and family, but the need to be safe is far more important than having fun. You — as the driver — have to set the tone for how people behave when in your vehicle. While it’s fine to enjoy one another’s company, ultimately, your passengers need to behave in a way that lets you focus on actually driving the car.

To achieve this, you have to set a few ground rules that all of your passengers agree to obey. Here are a few suggestions that should help ensure you have a pleasant, safe journey every time you’re traveling with passengers…

1) Assistance when navigating

Even if you’re following a GPS, there may be times when things don’t go to plan, and old-school navigation is required. However, as the driver, you should not be navigating— you need to focus on the road. If navigation is required, then one of the other passengers needs to accept they must perform this role.

It’s always worth establishing who among the passengers will navigate before the journey begins. Having a designated navigator is incredibly useful should something go wrong, and helps to ensure you’ll be back on the right track as quickly as possible.

2) Keep conversation to a minimum in urban areas

It’s nice to be able to talk to your passengers; that’s a given. However, there are times when your passengers have to understand that you just can’t talk— because you need to focus on the road. As a general rule, introduce the idea that chit-chat should be kept to a minimum when you’re driving through built-up urban areas.

If someone does try to talk when you’re in such a location, gently point out that you need to monitor both your own driving and the driving of others around you. The last thing you need is for your concentration to slip; if this happens, injury and needing to file a car accident claim could be in your future, as you didn’t have the chance to take evasive action when a fellow driver made a mistake.

3) Take care of the trash

Here, we’re going to assume that you’re also the owner of the vehicle. If this is the case, then asking your passengers to respect the interior of your vehicle is the least you should expect. You can even make it easy for your passengers to adhere to this rule; place a few bags to be used as trash receptacles throughout the vehicle, or give one of these popular hacks a try.

In conclusion

By insisting on these rules being followed, you will be free to focus on the road and ensure everyone in the car gets from A to B safely— which, ultimately, is what it’s all about!

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