Simple Tips for Becoming More Resilient in Everyday Life

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There are few things that have the ability to ruin your health, mood, and quality of life quite as dramatically as chronic stress that’s poorly handled.

Whatever the struggles you may be facing in your life, the degree to which you’re able to manage your stress response determines, to a large degree, how hard you’re going to be knocked back by any given incident.

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When it comes to improving your resilience against stress, however, it pays to take a broadly holistic approach.

Here are some suggestions for handling stress better in your life.

Practice meditation and mindfulness

“Mindfulness meditation” can mean different things to different people, and the specifics of the exercise can vary from one instructor or methodology to the next. In general, though, mindfulness meditation emphasises directing your focus and attention towards a particular “anchor” — such as your breath — and gently returning your focus to it whenever it wanders.

The purpose of mindfulness meditation, and mindfulness practices more broadly, is to train your mind to focus more on the present moment, than on its own ruminations, anxieties, and thought-loops. What’s more, it seems to work. Scientists have conducted studies which link mindfulness meditation with greater happiness and satisfaction, less likelihood of stress, and better mood control over all.

If you’re the kind of person whose mind races uncontrollably, consider meditation and various other mindfulness practices in order to return your attention to the present.

Get as much rest as possible

It’s a well-known fact that the less sleep and rest a person gets, the higher their body’s output of stress hormones, and the lower their ability to deal properly with that continual flood of stress hormones.

If you’re chronically sleep deprived — and especially if you rely on stress-inducing stimulants such as caffeine and nicotine, in order to power through your day — you can reasonably assume that you’re in a continuous state of physiological stress at any given moment.

To begin reversing this harmful state of affairs, focus on getting as much rest as you possibly can. Cut down your stimulant use so that you can sleep better, and make the time to actually give your body the sleep and recovery it needs.

Be kind to yourself and judge your progress against where you were yesterday

A major source of stress, particularly in the modern world, is the tendency of people to compare themselves to the rich, famous, and successful around them — or even just to their friends and colleagues — and feel depressed as a result.

The constant sense of needing to work harder to keep up with the Joneses can be devastating.

The solution to this, is to stop comparing yourself to others, and to start comparing yourself to who you were yesterday. This way, you can still focus on growth, without getting carried away with negative projections and assumptions about other people.

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Lt. Columbo –Signs To Watch For When Your Child Goes To College


University is a fantastic experience for both parent and child. Finally, the student gets the freedom to leave the house and spread their wings. At college, they get the opportunity to meet new people, party and learn. Although parents are often scared and sad, they’re also happy to see their baby grow up into an adult. Plus, it finally gets them out of the house. Hooray!

Jokes aside, higher education is the aspiration for families around the States. It’s a highway to a better life. So, why do some students fail and end up worse off than in the beginning?

Sadly, the freedom and independence can be too much for young minds to handle. As a result, there’s a chance they may make bad lifestyle choices at a very early age. Even though they aren’t in the house anymore, they’re still your child and the parenting role hasn’t finished. Here are the things to watch out for when they leave for college.


Bullying is wrongly associated with younger children, usually high schoolers and middle schoolers. It’s as if an imaginary line gets crossed when a kid turns eighteen and scuttles off to university. The reality is far different. The people who targeted victims in the 10th grade will do the same in the freshman year. No one is saying that your son or daughter can’t stick up for themselves, but it’s important to remember that bullying doesn’t discriminate. Signs of bullying include physical and mental scars, as well as an unwillingness to be vulnerable. If your child once loved being involved in social circles, the fact that they are now skeptical is a warning sign. Try and broach the topic if possible and let them know that they are not alone. They may not talk straight away, yet it’s healthy for them to have an outlet regardless.


It’s tempting to think that the younger generations have nothing to worry about because they are not old. At college, they can party, socialize and learn in a safe environment without any urgent responsibilities. At least, that’s how people view education after high school. The reality is very stark. Universities are by no means safe places because that goes against the fabric of what they represent. Students have to be challenged on a daily basis to learn and grow and leave a better person. So, the competition is fierce. Also, never forget that their short and long-term future rides on their grades. As a result, the pressure to hit deadlines and targets can be nerve-racking. Stress manifests itself in different ways, yet be on the lookout for depression. After all, this can accelerate into full-blown mental issues.



Now that there is no one there to ground them, the shackles are off and they are in charge. Do you want to come to a kegger tonight? Hell yes! Who wouldn’t?! Look, blowing off steam and having a few drinks is by no means the end of the world. Teenagers will always want to let loose and in many ways, a party is a perfect outlet. However, this culture can lead to problems. For one thing, studies often take a hit as they are too tired and hung over to go to class. As worrying to parents is the link between millennials and substance abuse in society. Millennials are not addicted across the board, yet studies show that prescription pills are a problem. Mixed with stress, drinking too much can lead to health problems.

Slacking Off

Sometimes, the reason for coasting at college is quite simple – because they can. Let’s face facts and admit that teens aren’t the hardest working bunch. Granted, they did well in high school but they had their parents pushing them to succeed. Now, there is no one to answer to but #1 which is very dangerous. Students have blown off going to classes because they assume they can coast by and still graduate with a high-class degree. They can’t unless they are Rain Man smart. Symptoms include a blasé attitude to work as well as constantly watching TV and never studying.

The Wrong Choice

Every parent wants their kid to go to school and graduate with honors. Although it’s the dream, it’s not always how life plays out. There’s a chance that your child may hate university and want to drop out and do something else. They may never bring it up, though, out of fear of your reaction. If they are unhappy, ask them why and promise them you won’t get mad. Dropping out may be the best thing they can do depending on the circumstances.

How is your son/daughter coping at college?

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Should You Wait Until You Know Everything To Start A Business?

Most people have dreams of starting their own business. However, for many of those people, a dream is all it will ever be. This is because the majority of people believe that they need to know absolutely everything before starting a business. It seems to make sense, right? You want to start a business in a certain industry so you should wait until you feel knowledgeable; until you feel ready.

Should you wait until you know everything to start a business? Read on to find out…

Should You Wait Until You Know Everything?

In short: no. You’ll never know everything there is to know about starting a business, and there certainly isn’t a ‘perfect time’. You’ll never suddenly get a feeling that smacks you in the gut and says ‘right, it’s time!’. You’ll likely always have some kind of reservation and anxiety about it. It would be strange if you didn’t. However, it’s important to remember that the best things usually happen when we step outside of our comfort zones. Which is why you should start before you’re ready.


Start Before You’re Ready

Starting before you’re ready doesn’t sound smart, does it? It sounds a bit risky. However, this is why most people don’t start the business they’ve always dreamed of. They never feel ready, and this means they never start. They always wonder ‘what if’. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know everything there is to know about vertical storage tanks polyethylene right now. All that matters is you put together a plan and take baby steps to achieve your goals. When it comes to it, you can hire people who know more than you – which is what all of the best entrepreneurs do!

So, what’s more important to consider than whether you know everything and feel ‘ready’?

Is this a big enough opportunity – without a big market, your success is limited.

Is this idea meaningful enough – you’re going to risk everything, and yes, you risk failing even if you step out of your comfort zone and do your best. All of the best entrepreneurs have failed at some point. This means that it better be for an idea you’re proud of. Maybe it’s not something you do all the time in your spare time, but it should be something that gives you a sense of pride.

Who are your target audience –  Stop worrying about whether you’re ready or not, and instead, seek out your target users and listen to them. What do they think about your product? Your design? What does your target audience want out of a product or service like the one you’re offering? Make sure you learn everything there is to know and then start your business based on what you’ve learned. Knowing that there’s a market for your product and what your audience actually want is far more valuable than waiting until you feel ready or know everything there is to know!

Don’t wait until ‘the time is right’ or you’ll be waiting forever!

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