Essential Features For Your Online Fashion Store


Should your love for fashion extend into running an online fashion retail store, there are a few features we think are essential for your business website. Follow our advice today, and you will beat your nearest rivals. After all, the fashion world is a cutthroat one!

  • When thinking about creating a website, ensure you use a solid and trusted e-commerce platform to give your store the reliability and security it needs. We recommend Shopify, due to the many customisable tools on offer, but there are other platforms available. Customer experience is vital, and if you choose an unreliable platform, you will lose the respect and custom from the people who matter the most.


  • Your site probably gets hundreds (or more) visitors a day, but it can be hard to keep track of them if they don’t make a purchase or use any of your call-to-action features (such as filling out a customer survey). You can alleviate the problem with this cost-effective B2B sales tool, helping you track down previously anonymous visitors, and giving you the tools to analyse why they didn’t make their way over to the shopping basket.


  • You need to catch your visitor’s eye with high-resolution photographs that perfectly capture the fashion you have for sale, as well as our virtual changing room ideas to give your potential customers an insight into how those outfits may look on them. If your flair with a camera isn’t up to scratch, it’s worth hiring a professional photographer (especially one with fashion experience) to take pictures on your behalf. Consider the use of video as well, with models strutting their stuff wearing the fashion you have on sale.


  • Include a ‘recommended’ feature, pointing out which items of your clothing works well with the other items you have for sale. A specific dress may look great with a certain pair of shoes, for example. Our platform of choice, Shopify, has the tools to do just that, and this nifty feature is a guaranteed way to make your shoppers spend more of their hard-earned cash at your store.


  • You know the fashion you have for sale rocks, but those people who have never used your site before may not be so sure. The best way to prove this is with reviews and testimonials. Ask previous customers for feedback, and ask for their permission to display their positive words on your website. Who knows, your customers might also agree to share pictures or videos of themselves wearing your store’s fashionable items.


  • This is common sense, but you do need to include size guides against every item you have for sale. Remember too, that you may have international customers. Sizing guides differ across different regions, so do your homework and ensure your visitors have the right information before they make a purchase. There will be less need for returns and complaints if you do.

These are just some of the features we think you need for your online fashion store. In your research, check out other websites as well, as they will give you some inspiration to better tailor your store to your would-be customers. We hope you found our tips useful, but let us know if you have any other advice for any of our entrepreneurial readers.

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