Don’t Get Near That Drunk Driver

Any competent driver is conscious of the risks of the road. When you’re taking care, you likely keep your speed in check and make sure to follow every road rule. And, if this serves you well, you may fall into the trap of thinking you’ve got this road risk thing in hand.

But, you’d be wrong. In truth, it’s not your behavior which poses the most significant risk, but that of other drivers. A good driver should acknowledge this, and be ever-ready to react to the cars around them. Often, you probably do this without even noticing. And, that’s all well and good until you come up against someone driving under the influence.

If this happens, every subtle sign you’ve come to understand will fly out your car window. Instead, you’ll need to deal with an erratic driver who may not even be aware of risks around them. If you want to protect yourself while driving near someone like this, your best bet would be to get as far away as possible. But, how you can tell if someone’s driving drunk? Read on to find out.

Slow speed

Many of us make the mistake of assuming drunk drivers go fast. And, there are some who do. For the most part, though, a drunk driver is likely to go slower than average. They’ll be fully aware that their reactions are hindered. Thus, they’re likely to go slow in an attempt to keep control. Of course, a sober mind would realize driving slow is as dangerous as going fast. But, a drunk driver may not realize they’re holding everyone up. So, the moment you catch yourself in a tailback, consider getting into another lane.

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Swerving across lanes

We’ve all seen the police getting a drunk person to walk in a straight line. It just doesn’t happen. They swerve all over the shop. And, their vehicle may do the same when they’re behind the wheel. In the same way a drunk brain can’t walk straight, it may fail to stay within lane limits. This can prove incredibly dangerous. If a drunk driver did swerve into the side of you, you’d be well within your rights to contact a company like Brauns Law, PC and take legal action. But, an even better option would be to get your car far away as soon as you spot that swerving driver in front of you. Either switch lanes or pull away and take a long route. Your future self will thank you for it.

Erratic driving decisions

Drunk drivers are also liable to make some dangerous driving decisions. It may be that they drive through red lights, or fail to indicate when they should. This can also include sudden bursts of speed or breaking in the middle of the highway. Any of these are sure signs you should get as far from that driver as you can be. The last thing you want is to be behind them the next time they make an erratic choice.

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